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Portfolio Lounge helps artist in many different categories. Whether your creations are in the arena of Photography, Architecture, Interior Design, Graphic Design, Illustration or any of a whole host of others, there is a category for you and your work. Portfolio Lounge enables you to reach a wider audience, get valuable feedback on your work and create a name for yourself, all without worrying about coding, hosting, search engine optimization or any of the other headaches commonly associated with creating an outstanding online portfolio that showcases your work to its best advantage. With a portfolio hosted by Portfolio Lounge, you can make sure your stunning creations are given an equally stunning online setting.

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Michael's Portfolio Website

Vancouver, British Columbia

Thank you for taking the time to view a few some of the projects I have worked on over the last 2 years. The goal of this online portfolio is to showcase my ability to produce work that is expected of a junior designer. My education to date includes a diploma in Interior Design. certificate in building design and architectural CAD and I am bridging that into another diploma in Architectural building engineering technology, all through P/T evening classes at BCIT. I also come from a strong background in various trades including commercial framing, this makes a great combination of theoretical knowledge and practical experience which gives me an overall advantage of ensuring the design is as functional as it is conceptual. I am looking forward to pursuing a successful career as an Interior designer.

Henry's Portfolio Website


My name is Henry Egan. I am a senior at Emerson College in Boston where I study Marketing. Beyond that, I am an entirely self-taught photographer with a passion for fine art, commercial photography, and advertising.

Jeffry's Portfolio Website

Costa Ballena, Costa Rica

Originally from New England, acclaimed fine art photographer/artist, Jeffry Burr, has turned his artistic talents to the magical forms of the Southern Zone of Costa Ballena, on the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica. <br /> <br /> \"My eye is finding dramatic, abstract, colorful forms, all around us, here in Costa Rica. The image may live in an old boat hull on the beach or in the amazing flora and natural beauty in this place. I am trying to create bold, contemporary pieces in a different style than much of the local artwork.\"<br /> <br /> All my work can be produced on high quality UV protected canvas wrapped frames in various custom sizes and price ranges. Contact me to discuss your favorite image and the best way to bring it into your life. New work will be presented regularly, so visit often! <br /> Jeffry<br /> <br /> NOTE: ALL images are copyrighted and reproduction is strictly forbidden .

Mike's Portfolio Website


Welcome to my brand new LOGO portfolio.

Nikolaj's Portfolio Website

Lviv, Ukraine

M i n o ë's Portfolio Website


Feel free to message me at

GisselleAvila's Portfolio Website
Linda's Portfolio Website


Over 20 years agency experience in serving Fortune100 companies | Direct marketing and customer relationship marketing experts | Provide print and digital solutions that achieve business objectives | Create and extend clients’ brand look and feel into multi-channel campaigns | Dedicated professional with strong team building and coaching skill

TVA's Portfolio Website
Mubassam's Portfolio Website

Melbourne, VIC

Freelance Photographer and digital artist. Interested in almost all types of photography especially long exposures and street photography. I do photo composites, photo manipulation, post processing etc. Long story short I love creating pretty pictures in Photoshop, I also run a graphic design page on Instagram called DigitalCrow. Contact me if a you need a graphic designer for advertising or other purposes, or a photographer for events, shoots, product photography etc.

Sonia's Portfolio Website


Architect and illustrator based in Paris, France