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David's Portfolio Website

Los Angeles, CA, United States

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Ana Paula's Portfolio Website

Querétaro, Querétaro MX

MarkElston's Portfolio Website
Anael's Portfolio Website
Branch's Portfolio Website
athena113myers's Portfolio Website
Riley's Portfolio Website

Moscow ID

My name is Riley Blackketter. I\'m 37 years old. I have been in the construction industry my entire life. I am a third generation carpenter/builder/supervisor. My grandfather started a general contracting business in the 1960\'s and we have been at it ever since. I started working full time in construction at the age of 12. I have helped build garages, custom homes, housing developments, apartment developments, condominium developments, a communication center, high end restaurants, community recreation centers, theaters, high rises up to 52 stories tall, Olympic venues (see projects), hydro powered damns and almost everything in between. I have been on the tools and I have worked from an office as a Project Manager and as a Superintendent. <br /> <br /> I enjoy many outdoor activities including hiking with my dog gus, hunting and fishing. As well as exercise and athletics. I consider myself and amateur chef, which goes well with my love of eating. When I have some free time I like to paint and draw with pencil and ink. <br /> <br /> I am involved with different causes such as the fight against breast cancer, the protection of battered and abused people, various efforts to feed the hungry and addiction awareness and treatment.

Hannah's Portfolio Website

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia


Bianca's Portfolio Website


I was a piano performance major in college but always wished that I could be an artist and draw portraits. After taking two art classes in college I felt that was not my forte as much as piano was at the time. I have been teaching piano for over 30 years and have had the privilege of doing concerts and TV/Radio appearances, in England, Netherlands, Brussels, Brazil, Russia, and Canada as well as perform in many venues in several States. I picked up my first paint brush in 2016 and fell in love with oil painting. Under the guidance of Barbara Wagner of the Wooden Canvas Studio in Illinois I was able to learn a lot about color theory and spacial dimensions. Later I was introduced to charcoal/pencil and was finally able to fulfill a dream that I had since college of being able to paint pictures of my loved ones. I have been accepted into the Geneva Lake Arts Foundation and had my first gallery appearance in February 2019. I have branched out on my own and see the world with a new set of eyes...noticing the details of unnoticed things that surround us on a daily basis. There is so much joy looking at the world with my "new eyes" and I am having a blast!

mv88's Portfolio Website
NhanDesign's Portfolio Website
Kristin's Portfolio Website

Dana Point, CA

benniemattie's Portfolio Website
Josh's Portfolio Website

Ann Arbor, MI

I am an educational technologist specializing in eLearning and multimedia development, and I have a Master of Science in Technology with a focus on organizational development. <br /> <br /> My projects have ranged from interactive eLearning modules and training videos to webinars and software simulations. I have also been administrator of a learning management system (LMS) for the last several years. <br /> <br /> For me, each project is a new opportunity to find creative solutions and facilitate meaningful learning experiences. I enjoy the challenge of a problem or puzzle in need of solving. <br /> <br /> Also, I am a shameless cat lover.

Tiffany's Portfolio Website

Central California

Katiesxo's Portfolio Website