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Portfolio Lounge helps artist in many different categories. Whether your creations are in the arena of Photography, Architecture, Interior Design, Graphic Design, Illustration or any of a whole host of others, there is a category for you and your work. Portfolio Lounge enables you to reach a wider audience, get valuable feedback on your work and create a name for yourself, all without worrying about coding, hosting, search engine optimization or any of the other headaches commonly associated with creating an outstanding online portfolio that showcases your work to its best advantage. With a portfolio hosted by Portfolio Lounge, you can make sure your stunning creations are given an equally stunning online setting.

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Carlos's Portfolio Website


Freelancer Graphic Designer & futsal player // Likes sports, Apple, design, coffee, ice-cream, chocolate, travel, music // Digital creator at Graphicriver & Creative Market

Ryan's Portfolio Website

Warsaw, Indiana

I just enjoy photography. Whether its outside or in a studio, and whether I get paid for it or not. Although, money is always nice for my pictures. It would allow me to take more of them. ;)

Novita's Portfolio Website

Surabaya, Indonesia.

Hello! welcome to NXD official art portfolio. i'm Novita, currently based in Surabaya. A design student also freelance designer and photographer. I really like to do something about creativity. For me, there is no limitation in expressing ideas into visual form. I love being me, and i love to work with my clients like i love my self when i do my job as well. Best, / N X D /

You Rong's Portfolio Website

Tamuning, Guam

I grew up and graduated high school on the island of Guam. Come graduation, I had decided to join the University of Notre Dame class of 2017 Architecture five year program. I've always had a passion for the fine arts, yet never was able to take classes. Desiring to know whether architecture was the right path or a romanticized idea, during the summer of 2011, I applied to Carnegie Mellon University Pre-college Architecture Program to test myself. This year, 2014-2015, I've received the chance to study abroad with our school's Rome Gateway program in Rome for the school year.

japm's Portfolio Website
cknights's Portfolio Website


As an Interior Designer; I focus on building lasting relationships and creating an open atmosphere with the joy of decorating residential & commercial interiors. In addition, I enjoy using my design skill & knowledge to create beautiful interiors for each client. My philosophy includes working in a professional manner as I eagerly take on the task of completing each project with finesse and precision. Moreover, I love designing small spaces using different color schemes; for example, working in California- I have the opportunity to design in a variety of beach themed communities with the challenge of space planning small interior homes. I enjoy using the natural influence of the outdoors & combine each element with the interior space for my client(s) personal style to create beautiful one-of-a-kind homes.

Jackson's Portfolio Website


I’m Jackson Mills. Freelance Graphic Designer & Multimedia Artist in Chicago, IL. My passion is to create beauty through the craft of Graphic Art. I currently freelance my work to others and hope to become more networked in the Chicago area.

xxxxxx's Portfolio Website


Sonia's Portfolio Website


Architect and illustrator based in Paris, France