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Portfolio Lounge helps artist in many different categories. Whether your creations are in the arena of Photography, Architecture, Interior Design, Graphic Design, Illustration or any of a whole host of others, there is a category for you and your work. Portfolio Lounge enables you to reach a wider audience, get valuable feedback on your work and create a name for yourself, all without worrying about coding, hosting, search engine optimization or any of the other headaches commonly associated with creating an outstanding online portfolio that showcases your work to its best advantage. With a portfolio hosted by Portfolio Lounge, you can make sure your stunning creations are given an equally stunning online setting.

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Henry's Portfolio Website


My name is Henry Egan. I am a senior at Emerson College in Boston where I study Marketing. Beyond that, I am an entirely self-taught photographer with a passion for fine art, commercial photography, and advertising.

Alex's Portfolio Website

Greenville, MI

Adisa's Portfolio Website
vonn's Portfolio Website


I am Tim Von Rueden and I love to draw.

Tricia's Portfolio Website

A love of color, patterns, shapes and textures has played a key role in my career as a visual designer/photographer.<p> Early employment always found me in a creative line of work, such as hand-printing patterns on garments at the<br> Bluefish Clothing Company or creating seasonal fabric swatches at Jones NY & Company.<p> My start in photography began literally in the dark—working in a photographer's darkroom developing and processing color prints from film (remember film?).<br> I would spend hours in complete darkness turning blank paper into colorful prints. But the best part of the job was spent on location assisting the photographer on photo shoots and learning first hand about camera gear,<br>lighting techniques, props and styling.<p> The majority of my career has been with Christine Taylor Collection, a leader in the world of visual merchandising.<br>When I first started 15 years ago they were a small company and as the company grew so did my knowledge and expertise in the visual design industry.<br>I was promoted to Art Director and company Photographer, a challenging position that utilized both my design<br>and photographic skills. I collaborated with project managers and team members on the creation of print and<br>promotional materials as well as handled all the product photography.<p> I easily adapt to innovative processes and ever-changing technology. I like the energy and stimulus from working with<br>other creatives, but I am also comfortable handling projects on my own.<br>Oh, and tight deadlines do not deter me! I will go above and beyond expectations to make sure the smallest details are taken care of and the job is done beautifully.

Gintare's Portfolio Website


From an early age I was a dreamer fulfilled with persistence. I am sure that for this I should be grateful to the environment that was and still is surrounding me. Whenever I go I take some pieces of magic with me, some immense wish to go further and to take someone with me. To be adventurer. To be someone better than I was yesterday. To discover. To dream and to dream big. To surround myself with positive energy and spread it like I own the "shiny-smiley" factory.

TVA's Portfolio Website
Mike's Portfolio Website

Co-Founder, Creative Director/Designer for the Sovereign Sect of Alien Workshop.

Piotr's Portfolio Website


CZYŻEWSKI DESIGN is a design studio specializing in: Automotive Design Yacht Design Product Design Architectural & Interior Transportation design Concept design Industrial design Enginering Prototyping 3D Visualization We can only do visual projects or implement them into reality. Our attitude to work is less commercial, comes from passion to design something new without compromise, unique.

Nonni's Portfolio Website


Sumithra's Portfolio Website


Architect / Interiors / Landscaping

You Rong's Portfolio Website

Tamuning, Guam

I grew up and graduated high school on the island of Guam. Come graduation, I had decided to join the University of Notre Dame class of 2017 Architecture five year program. I've always had a passion for the fine arts, yet never was able to take classes. Desiring to know whether architecture was the right path or a romanticized idea, during the summer of 2011, I applied to Carnegie Mellon University Pre-college Architecture Program to test myself. This year, 2014-2015, I've received the chance to study abroad with our school's Rome Gateway program in Rome for the school year.

Nestor's Portfolio Website


Matthew's Portfolio Website

Detroit, MI

Tamara's Portfolio Website

Asheville, North Carolina

Certified Interior Designer NCIDQ #023895

Joel's Portfolio Website

Huntington Beach, CA

With a solid creative design background in the graphic arts, marketing, merchandise, communications, and photography fields, Joel brings well thought-out creative direction to branded campaigns. He executes consistency throughout all aspects of design, giving the message a strong foundation making for a meaningful impact, as each product and brand comes to life.