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Will Currier


Design. Impel. Improve.

Graphic Designer, Exploring how creativity can be a tool for change, positivity and unity. Design. Impel. Improve. My specific interests at the moment include fashion design and hand lettering. If you want to get a better idea about my life and what inspires me follow my twitter @wilrobcur and my Instagram @bootscurrier.


The Struggle Of Balance

The Struggle of balance is a digital piece design around the premise of the following quote, "For an idea to take form is a designers dream. But for that form to take meaning, that can be a gift or a curse." (My Own Quote) Understand that in certain perspectives, there are things that may seam imperfect or unintentional but will be interpreted as the contrary to others and visa-versa. This piece represents that conversation. (Originally designed to be displayed 12 x 12 on the ground.)

BUMU Re-brand Concept

A conceptual new approach to the Bug Museum of new Jersey. It is also known as Insectropolis. I wanted their new brand to capture the aesthetic of an actual science lab, reflecting how kids love putting on adult shoes and getting a flavor of what they can become. The Bug Museum is very education based and aims for a younger audience to inform. With that in mind the logo can be seen as an abstract rendering of how children themselves tend to draw insects.

Pan-Mass Challenge Re-brand Concept

A new approach to the Local Non-Profit organization "Pan-Mass Challenge". My solution to the re-brand was to bring the unity and forethought that goes into achieving the monumental feet this organization reaches each year, to the face of the organization.

The White Journal

A magazine concept to reach beyond the initial viewer. I believe that good design can provide information to many viewers with strategic aesthetic and approach. But i believe that design needs to set a new goal. This magazine is aimed at the viewer that it gets passed to. To provide information in such a manner that it impels an individual to spread it beyond themselves. This is the fastest and most beneficial way to spread information that people need to know.

Cooper-Hewitt Poster Series

A poster series designed to capture the aesthetic of a specified designer that the Museum will be featuring in their exhibits.

The Last Airbender: Clothing

A series of shirts and maybe more all pertaining to eastern ideas from the telivision show "Avatar: The Last Airbender