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Vasiliki Demetriadi is a Cypriot graphic designer, who has recently graduated from the Department of Multimedia and Graphic Arts of the Cyprus University of Technology, and her major is Graphic Arts. She holds a BA in Multimedia & Graphic Arts with thesis titled: 'Social Network Sites and their use by people in special needs'. During this year, she is studying MA in Graphic design in Nottingham Trent University. Her interests related to Semiotics, Publication design, Typography and Visual Communication.

Nicosia, Cyprus

MA project

Lace evolution in Nottingham is an informational book based on Nottingham city’s lace manufacturing industry, exploring three periods that have symbolized the past and the future of this city. Three periods are divided to three parts, Beginning 1589-1800 covers facts like knitting frame invention, Growth 1800-1918 include subjects as lace machinery evolution and the third and last chapter illustrates the Decline of lace industry.

« The layouts

« All the applications together

« Bookmark

« Photography booklet

« Laser cut technique


« National Trust Poster campaign for promoting Nationall Trust values and make adults get motivated and keen on visiting those landscapes.

« Sketchbook work referring to the creation of the poster described before.

« Dogtooth A project inspired by Giorgos Lanthimos’ movie titled “Dogtooth”. An illustration inspired by a specific subtitle of the movie (“Carbine is a beautiful white bird”).


« Tourist 02 A photo of a tourist in Cyprus that took the 5th place in the competition Street photography of the Non Profit Organization Camerata Politeia

« Water reflections

« Tourist no1 A photo of a tourist in Cyprus that participated in the competition Street photography of the Non Profit Organization Camerata Politeia

« Nature

« Light

« London

« Machines and fabrics


« Redesign of Panadol logo

« Applications for the previously described social campaign.

« A social campaign against domestic violence. Three family members (daughter, son and mother) are laughing but at the same time their faces indicate beating from their abuser. The posters are presenting an ironic and sarcastic metaphor of the Greek phrase “beating came from heaven”.

« A project about re-designing and re-imagine a brand between 20 brands from a list that we have been given. I chose Panadol and one main innovation that I add to the package was the usage of a microchip. The only action that everyone would have to make was to touch a specific sign and the bottle would open automatic. This way of opening could help people with restrictive movements, old and disable to open the bottle with no difficulties easily.

« Tea packaging (“Shrubs” company)with sage, anise and chamomile as flavors.

« Logo for an organization against domestic violence.

« Logo for an organic products company, named “Shrubs”. The logo is inspired by chemistry cans.

Information design

« Information design presenting a chart about the deaths that took place in the 20th century.

« Information design depicting a First Aid kit and it’s container. Symbols design and their application on a poster.

Publication design

« 3 Through your hands - photography book A series of hands photos of different people ages. The main reason of this project was to observe different positions and see the emotions of every person.

« A spread of the art magazine “Yeah”, presenting an article about contemporary art in our days.

« 1 Yeah art magazine A cover made for an art magazine called ”Yeah”.

« A spread about the ten most important Cypriot artists in ”Yeah” art magazine.

« A spread for a magazine about Distortion, inspired by the movie “Dogtooth” (“Visual Semiotics” module).

« 2 Διαστρέβλωση - Misrepresentation magazine Cover of a magazine based on the word misrepresentation. The magazine inspiration originates from the movie "Dogtooth"

« A spread for a magazine about Distortion, inspired by the movie “Dogtooth” showing misrepresentation through photography


« Bio-fuels Campaign against bio-fuels. Depicting the malnutrition of people in Third World countries due to the waste of grain for bio-fuels production.

« Fast fix Advertising campaign for an adhesive tape called Fast Fix, presenting its strong grip in different humorous situations.

Map design

« Nottingham lace evolution Some different map techniques that I tried to represent the location and number of warp lace machines about 1886 for my MA project

« Lace market map (Nottingham) A map representing places related with lace near Lace market that tourists could visit and learn about Lace evolution in Nottingham

Pictograms design

Pictograms that have been designed to strengthen my MA project


« 1 Paul Christening invitation A Christening Invitation for a cute baby boy. The theme of the celebration was boats and the sea. The invitation made using both handmade and digital techniques.

« Theater performance invitation

« 2 Κρεμάστρα A poster made for a theatre performance called Κρεμάστρα. For this performance I have also produce an invitation and a program.

« Theater Program front side

« Theater Program back side

« Fonts research

« Candidate logos

« Second final solution

« Fiteresting gym logo A logo for a gym. I based on some key words that I have been given such as fit, passion, fitness and health. This is the first final solution.

« Slogan and logo


Layouts of Nottingham lace evolution booklet (MA Project). This booklet follows mainly an info graphic style which is also connected with some photographic elements.

« First chapter This chapter introduces us on the very first invention that marked lace production in Nottingham

« Introduction

« Information design for the number of employed in the lace trade

« Contents

« Title page

« Chapter openings

« Chapter openinigs

« Lace development

« Lace Trade

« Chapter openings

« Usage of Nott's lace today

« Acknowledgements-end page

« The decline of Nott's lace industry

« Information design based on the different lace trade types


« This project was also designed during the time I was working at Ekona Creative agency. It was about designing a package for a company that deals with Wireless Network Design. Our keywords for the creative process were: wireless, radio waves, antennas and networks.

Facts and figures

« Facts&Figures was made during the time I was working at Ekona Creative agency under the supervision of Christos Kodjapashis (Founder-Creative Director). It was produced for MYMALL of Limassol and included the design of a manual on statistics relating to the operation of MYMALL. Specifically the goal was to represent numbers with a more creative and colourful ways.