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Welcome to my world! This site is a quick snapshot of Tim Simpson's professional work.

Result driven creative director professional with proven ability to motivate, inspire and lead a team. Fearless impressive strategic insight to all creative visual marketing mediums, branding and design. A progressive thinking team leader that succeeds in fast-paced, multidisciplinary environments. Highly skilled storyteller that continues to push the limits to over exceed the expectations of projects at hand. Intelligent communicator with a hands on approach to building and attracting a talented team that excites customers and delivers timely results for clients.


Nike SB - Solid Ad Campaigns

Creative Direction / Marketing / Design - Create a global ad campaign for the Nike SB Brand.

« Relax - Pual Rodriguez Ad This was the first initial ad that sparked the idea of the NIKE SB bold ad campaigns. I created this specifically to market his new comfortable shoe called the Relax & Recover. I wanted to really emphasize and communicate that skateboarding is a hard tough physical battle and even the worlds best pros like to slip into a nice soft, comfortable cushy shoe after a long skateboarding session. I used the term Relax as P-Rod had said something like this on a internet interview, That he likes to relax after a hard session and also the shoe is named the RxR which stands for relax and recover. The bold text and color scheme was created to really get your eye to focus on the key point of this ad which is this shoe is all about the after skateboard session. the word relax really states this well. Plus it is an edgy street skate coined term which ties into not stressing on things to much. The black and white image of Paul I chose also plays a key messaging role in the campaign. It gives off a feeling of nice cool, clean and calmness but also shows a very difficult signature switch b-tail slide trick on a nice large hubba from the Street League Barcelona contest. This tells the story of hard work and dedication he puts into mastering his skill which is why a nice comfy feeling shoe on his feet is needed after a hard skate session.

« Respect - ishod Wair Ad The next one in the series was the Ishod Wair respect ad. This term embodies Ishod perfectly as he is an incredible skateboard athlete with remarkable drive, determination and skill. He also pretty recently won Thrasher magazines SOTY award for 2013. Winning skateboarder of the year is one of the most highest career achievements and respected accomplishments in skateboarding. I also tied the word respect into a quote of his “that he really liked the thinner tongue for comfort.” Since the Dunk is a staple and well respected known original shoe that skateboarders love I used the term to communicate that Nike SB kept the original integrity and atheistic feel but only changed the tongue for added comfort. The color scheme and photo were purposely chose to merchandise the shoe color way and to really capture the sweat that Ishod has put in to earn respect in a the very competitive sport of skateboarding.

« Ready - Koston I saved the best for last! Eric Koston is always ready to skateboard and contribute to the progression of skateboarding. From his early Hubba Hideout destruction to his new partnership at The Berrics, he lives and breathes skateboarding at a level that most will never achieve. I remember skating with him when i used to roll the streets of LA with Rudy Johnson and Guy Mariano and at any give time this guy could just get on his board and pull the most amazing looking difficult tricks at any moment anyone called him out. It was incredible his ability to flip the switch and be ready at any time. Pink is one of his signature colors and i had to actually recolor his hat to match the fuchsia to keep the color theory consistent and translate into the shoe. Also a key point is how he got on Nike i think a lot of people seen it coming as Nike is the best and I would say hes the best street skateboarder to ever step on the board but once frosty did make the shift he was 110% ready. A true skateboarding Legend

« Refine - Stefan Janoski Stefan's ad was one of my favorite ads. He is one of the most stylish skateboards in the game and was one of the first to skate switch so effortless. Sticking with the theme or R words was a bit more challenging but I think I nailed it with Refine. I decided with this direction for a few major factors. 1) He refined skateboarding with his power of effortless skateboarding switch style that when he was riding if you didn’t know him or skateboarding you would never know this was not his natural way to ride. 2) The shoe is is a refined sick version of his all time best selling shoe the Janoski. This shoe is really what put the NIKE SB on the map as a dominating force i believe in skateboarding. Yes there is the original Dunk and the P-Rod but what i see in shops, parks and on the streets is more skateboarders gravitate to this shoe then any other, me included. It was also challenge trying to turn up an nice good resolution photo of him that went with the theme, but in the end this photo of him just bleeds Stefan's love for skateboarding and his refinement he brought to the Industry.

Nike-Mike Trout Lunar Vapor Launch

Creative Direction / Marketing / Design - Create a global ad campaign for the Nike Baseball.

« 27x Faster ad Mike trout is the fastest player in baseball. So for the second ad I wanted to use a real nice action shot to emphasize his speed, determination, and athleticism while wearing his new signature cleat. The main slogan and focal point of the ad is “baseball just got 27x faster”. 27 is his number and he is the fastest player and simultaneously just launched his new cleat. I really wanted to have a clear clean picture of his cleat to really emphasize the amazing red and pop flo yellow green color-way. Plus I wanted to tie it in with his quote speed s my game” The balance on this ad came out very nice but took a while to get the slide and his hand placed just right so that some of the back quote was cut a tad but not so much that at first glance you wouldn’t know exactly what it says and tie it all together in couple seconds of seeing it.

« Game Changer ad The 1st of a 2 part ad campaign for Mike Trout's new Lunar Vapor signature baseball product line. It reinforces that Nike's partnership with Trout is a game changer.When we think of Mike Trout the first thing that comes to mind from anybody that knows of him and how he plays the game of baseball is SPEED. His athleticism is incredible and his speed is truly a game changer. He is also the 2nd athlete in history ever to get a signature cleat from Nike which is why the bottom title slogan is the game changer. He is really changing baseball with his speed and incredible athleticism. Take all this in account and then realize he has just barley scratched the surface of his career. The ad is very sharp and clean to fit his clean cut man 110% Baseball playing character. Also it's highlighted with the same color schemes as the new cleat, with touch of the yellow green flo pop..

Nike-AirMax ID Ad

Creative Direction / Marketing / Design - Create a global ad for the new NIke Air-Max ID custom colorways online ordering program.

« # Salute Ad The Nike Air Max shoe is a wildly popular best selling shoe in the action sports, street wear, hip hop, sneaker-head and urban markets. I specifically made this ad to target those markets. The new Nike ID CAMO color-ways are really dope and will especially be a home run to all these cultures. So this ad would run campaigns in world wide publications like XLG, Vice, Transworld Skateboarding, The Source and Vibe. Also online media like World star Hip Hop and Datpiff. The back ground is a real raw cracked looking concrete to give you the feel of the streets and urban lifestyle. I also chose to remove the black from cracks and add illuminating light coming through the concrete to give you a feature sense as these are a more limited color with the CAMO while highlighting the CAMO patterns. Salute is a very popular term in the urban hip hop market meaning giving props to the best, so i used this as a 2 part meaning this color way and shoe is super fresh so salute to it but also a hidden meaning with the military.

Nike Jordan Legacy Capsule

Creative Direction / Marketing / Design - designed a small apparel capsule to merchandise with the Air Jordan 2016 Alternate shoe releases.

« Legacy Air Jordan Capsule This capsule was inspired by the retro old school flavor of the original Chicago Bulls uniforms Michael Jordan wore in the beginning of his incredible career. This capsule is to merchandise with the new Spring 2016 release of the Air Jordan “Alternate” collection. I chose to call the apparel capsule Legacy as the alternate collection is 3 shoes in 3 different Pivotal eras of his life. The script and retro stripping is the style that Michael used to wear in those years, but I still kept it fresh with a current spin using newer moisture wicking poly/cotton mesh jersey materials. The diamond like sides translated real nice on the basketball jersey giving it a retro and current feel. The color story is the iconic Chicago bulls colors and comes in 3 colors to match your new kicks. This will hit well with the Air Jordan retail markets as It merchandises nice with the shoes and can take you back to the original Retro days that MJ was flying around the paint putting on a show for all of the world. It will have good sell through in all markets sports, sneaker heads and I can even see skateboards rolling around the streets rocking the retro MJ Legacy.

PlanB Skateboarding Look Book

Creative Direction / Marketing / Design - Create seasonal soft goods clothing line and look book.

« Plan B Spring 2016 Create a complete 2016 apparel collection and lookbook.

« P-Rod - Softgoods Index page The front page of the Fall-09 PlanB Skateboards

« Plan B Premium Cut and Sew Collection B- Dot capsule. This collection was tiny little Plan B dot logos with pop colors.

« Plan B Cut & Sew Kints Pages Cut & Sew knit stripe knit sweater, windbreaker and diamond stitch quilted hooded sweatshirt. The Quilted stitch sweatshirt had a cool built in gloves on sleeve feature.

« Spring/Sum 09 Headwear Plan B Skateboards New Era and Flex-fit hats..

Truth Soul Armor - Look book

Creative Direction / Marketing / Design - Design seasonal clothing line and look book.

« Truth - Look book cover Spring 2006 Truth Soul Armor magic trade show product guide

« Truth product guide - Men's Men's main lifestyle page and start to all the men's collection.

« Truth product guide - Women's Women's main lifestyle page and start to all the women's seasonal collection.

Motocross - Ads, Product Catalogs

Creative Direction / Marketing / Design - MX ads and product catalogs.

« Tag Metals Ad Ad for Transworld Motocross magazine. to launch the new metal branding I created.

« Tag Metals Game Changing Ad Travis Pastrana is the Michael Jordan for Motocross. He is the first to land a double flip along with many other signature moves he did first. This ad was to highlight that he is truly changing the game in the MX and stunt world. This was his first contest make on another signature ground breaking move he invented 360 back flip can that he performed live at the X-Games.

« Sunline #1 Ad This ad ran in Transworld Motocross magazine and was to really show you the close up of the all new polished brake levers that are from the #1 motocross track racers James Stewart's bike.

« Tag Metales / Sunline - Back Cover ads Theses ads were for Transworld Motocross magazines back cover ads.

« Filtron - Tradeshow Product Guide Catalog This was a page from a product catalog i created for a a tradeshow. to show several after market parts and accessories the Filtron had to offer. I used the signature pop yellow faded into the black in the background so it focuses in on the products and riding shot.

Shout from the Rooftops -Lookbook

Collaboration with several brands to create a lookbook of some of there best pieces i designed, created and produced for them.

« Dfynt - rooftop shoot Lookbook, social media and web assets photoshoot of the new blk marble collection i created for Dfynt clothing brand.

Lucky Losers - Summer Dayz In Venice

Creative Direction / Marketing / Design - New Lucky Losers Summer -15 seasonal Collection, line sheet and lookbook. Create social media and online marketing assets

Gods & Generals - Hol-15

Hol-15 White Marble capsule

Sports Authentics -Marketing

Creative Direction / Marketing / Design - design and create sports authentics complete marketing and promo apparel package. Full page slider wordpress web-site, flyers, social media assets, online assets, business cards, promotional apparel.

VW Merch Brand Luanch

Full scale brand launch. Created the entire brand including: name, business model, business plan, corporate logo branding, copy, web-site, social media and marketing assets. I also created and designed the first capsule for NFL professional wide receiver athlete Desean Jackson of the Washington Redskins.

Game & Glory - Fall-15

Creative Direction / Marketing / Design - Re-brand entire company and create Fall-15 seasonal clothing line. Social media, online and marketing assets.

Game & Glory - 24K capsule

Creative Direction / Marketing / Design - Holiday -16 Capsule collection and product line sheet. created theme and seasonal story.

Video and App Graphics

Creative Direction / Marketing / Design - Create video console and controller game skins. design and layout slide show marketing ad. internet slide show page for a video game marketing firm. Create new game app, app icon, character illustration, logo and game layout

Legendary MFG Co. Brand Launch

Full scale brand launch - created name, branding, marketing, 230 hats a season. designed line sheets, look-books and price lists. Art direction and product shoots. Brand strategy plan.

Corporate Work

Corporate company logos, copy, branding, business cards, flyers and marketing materials.