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I am a student who are not majoring in photography. But I love travelling, photography, music, food...everything I can find beauty and the love. And I am too afraid that the beauty would slip away so I like to use my camera to freeze that moment like doing the magic. I am seeking for difference the that other people don't bother to notice and believing that the detail makes one thing unique.

Beijing, China

My sister's wedding

I was invited to my sister's wedding as her personal photographer. I recorded from the beginning when she made up till the end of the wedding ceremony. It was my first time to attend a wedding ceremony, at which I learnt nowadays what a typical Chinese wedding is like and how young people combine the western style and Chinese tradition in their wedding.

« With the increasing influence of Western culture, young people in China desire for a more modern and western-style wedding. At the same time, as the traditional custom still roots deeply in people's mind, many traditional wedding elements remain and have been well integrated into a modern Chinese wedding.

« Five years ago, she met him on the campus. Five years later, he married her here. The wedding ended. But their new life settles out.

« "How do I look?" the bride is turning to me and asking. A dresser is making up for her and just finished with her eyebrows. This is her first time to put such heavy powder on the face, let alone the eyelashes extension and anything else to be added. "It's my big day and I have to look best." She said.

« And in bride's heart, the groom is also the one she has imagined for thousands of times, whom she would love to wear the princess-like wedding shoes for .

« When asked, He told me he felt a bit nervous and unrealistic. "In a second I cannot believe this is going to be true. I mean, I have been waiting for this moment for such long time." Five years relationship, from campus love to a real proposal, ups and downs happened though, he has already regarded her as his lifelong beloved.

« With the help the dresser, the bride is putting on her wedding gown. "I have been dreaming of wearing a pure white wedding gown since I was little. And now my dream comes true." For a better look, the bride has been on a diet for a month in order to "squeeze into this slim gown."said herself.

« In a separate room, the groom is getting changed with no one around. Facing the camera, he shows no excitement but a serious face.

« "Don't let him in!" It looks chaotic but funny in the bride's room. Her friends are holding against the door in case that the groom would thrust into the room. They are posing questions to groom until they get satisfying answers. Before then, the groom is not allowed to come in. It is a test for groom's wisdom, perseverance and the love for his bride..

« Her effort paid off. When she is ready, a princess-like girl appears in front of us. However, her future husband is yet allowed to see his beautiful bride. According to Chinese wedding tradition, the groom cannot enter the bride room unless answering right to the questions brought by the bride's friends. And the bride can do nothing but wait.

« "I promise I will love you throughout my life regardless the time, wealth, illness. Nothing but death that only can depart us..." Much like the western wedding, the couple read their written vows to each other . My sister told me that she had wrote more than ten versions for the draft. However she eventually used the first one she came up with.

« WIth all blessing from the families and friends, the couple kisses in happiness. Decades ago, kissing in China was regarded as a personal and private behaviour which shouldn't appear in the public occation. Now, the young people are proud to kiss their lover as a showcase of their love.

« "Mum, have a tea please" the groom is handing the tea to the bride's mum. In China, a marriage involves not only two people, but also two families. The marriage will bond two families ever since into a big family. Therefore from this day onwards, the couple should call their parents-in-law as "Dad" and "Mum" and take care of them as the same as they do to their birth parents.

« 20 minutes "battle" finally concluded with the groom winning the permission to see his bride. In front of everyone, the groom needs to help the bride wear the wedding shoes, which is also part of Chinese tradition. This means from now on he will be the bride's company on the way to the future.

« After the ceremony, the bride changed the gown to the traditional Chinese dress, Qipao, together with the groom, giving their thanks to every table of guests. Differing than weddings of Western culture, the end of the ceremony in China doesn't mean the end of wedding. The wedding banquet begins when the ceremony finishes.

« A wedding hall is being decorated right now. In the next few hours, this hall is going to witness a happy couple united to be husband and wife.

« The groom is bridal-carrying his gorgeous bride , heading for the ceremony hall.This is another Chinese tradition that the groom should carry the bride on the way to the ceremony hall, which indicates that the support from the husband will always be there.

« Escorted by her father, the bride is proceeding into the hall, where their families and friends gathered already. The wedding is not only about a commitment to the couple each other, but also a testimony of their love to each one's family.

An ode to the nature

Beautiful landscape caught on my journeys. I awe the nature for the mighty beauty.

« Jiuzhaigou Valley, Sichuan Province, China The mountains'reflection in the mirror-like water.

« The lake district, England, UK In blue.

« The Isle of Skye, Scotland, UK Standing towards the sea.

« Jiuzhaigou Valley, Sichuan Province, China

The moment

They are not the most spectacular scenery, but the moments that I want to eternalize.

« Heidelberg, Germany A bird view from the hill in the evening.

« Beijing, China A residence in Hutong, a type of old narrow alleys in Beijing.

« Berlin, Germany In heavy snow, a horse-carriage is running though the Unter den linden Avenue

« Cologne, Germany The word written on the eave of Cologne Cathedral.

« Taiwan, China Looking inside a shop through the glass window.

« Baden-Baden, Germany The houses in the road reflecting mirror.


« The lake district, England, UK

« The highlands, Scotland, UK On the road.

« Taiwan, China Hustle and bustle.