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My name is Nikk Patoc, and I am a Olympic Weightlifter. I began the weightlifting as post-rehabilitative strength conditioning in 2015 after an injury prevented me from playing collegiate softball. After learning the movements, I quickly fell in love with the sport and entered my first competition soon after. Since then I've competed in over 15 local and national level competitions in both United States of America Weightlifting (USAW) and All World Weightlifting federation (AWF). Some of my achievements include multiple first place medal finishes, qualification of all USAW national meets of 2016, and back to back 2015 & 2016 AWF Snatch, Clean and Jerk and Total record holder in the 53 kilogram weight catagory. Despite being very new to the sport I have great expectations for myself and my lifting career. By 2018, I expect to be a USAW National Champion and an international competitor. By 2020, I see myself competing for Team USA on the Olympic stage in Tokyo. I know these goals are not out of reach because of my passion and willingness to train 11 sessions per week and doing whatever it takes to maintain that lifestyle. My love for the sport of weightlifting is deeper than just competing. I also love to coach and hope to have my own gym one day. Weightlifting is as difficult mentally as it is physically, and as an athlete I understand all stages of the weightlifter's journey. I believe every day is an opportunity to learn and grown on and off the platform. This mindset is what makes me a better athlete and coach.

Gonzales, CA / Sonoma County, CA

Nikk: Weightlifter

« 87kg / 191.5lbs clean and jerk attempt

« Qualifying for USAW Nationals on my last attempt.

« Receiving a 65kg / 143lbs snatch

« 87kg / 191.5lbs