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« leaf it to me this photo represents negative space and rule of thirds by the two leaves are placed in the photos hotspots and has a plane background of the picnic bench.

« please enter this photo represents rule of thirds because the do not enter sign is placed in the photo hotspot.

lookup look down look close

« locked on you This photograph represents look close because you are looking at the lock closely.

« pencil case this photo shows look down because its a bird eye view on the pencil case.

« staring at BAE this photo represents look close because the photo was taken up close on this girls eye which makes it show more detail.

Light Graffiti

« this photo represents light graffiti because the photo was captured using bulb mode so the person taking to photo can control the shutter speed.

« around the universe this photo represents the technique light graffiti because the setting being used is bulb mode which lets you control the shutter.

Element and Principle/Inspired shot

« the street to heaven this photo represent leading lines because the lines in the street and the curb lead towards the clouds in the background

« penny this photo shows negative space because the space around the silhouette of the dog makes it so you can actually see the dog.

« this photo represents unity because of all the sticks on the ground and the neutral colors