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Shannon Huntley



Abstract Art

Do you ever just get the urge to paint? I find it very therapeutic, and the end result usually reflects my mood. If you like what you see hit me up with an email and we can chat!

Visual Branding

A brand is the publics first impression of your business. It is crucial to have your brand consistent and visually strong. Through market research I will work with you to create an identity that will represent your core values.

Logo Design

No longer should you think 'we are stuck with this outdated logo - oh noooo'! Recently logo design has changed. You can have a logo that keeps up with the recent trends through slight tweeks or have 100 different coloured variations of the same design. Its entirely up to you! Join in on the movement!

Advertising and Marketing

Does your business need a big campaign push? From outdoor media to online digital adverts, I can help you create a design campaign to shout about.

Print Design

There is nothing more eye catching and desirable than a high quality booklet or business card. From posters to flyers and all the bumf in-between. Make sure your brand is on point. For a free quote please contact me through my about page. Who said print was dead!

Brands in Motion

As the digital and online world expands, so does the demand for virtual and interactive design. I can produce a sleek professional logo reveal or a snappy 30sec animated video to use on social media or website! Stand out from your competitor and reach new audiences! Sound intrigued? Contact me for more information.