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'We Focused on Ecology Building and Landscape Approach in Architectural Design'

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2017 ROT institute

+project name : rot institute +location : Red Island, East Java - Indonesia +site : 4 ha +status : proposal "The building was designed for integrated function between existing environment and these building. The concept is to bring the eco-Red Island in the design process, maximize of natural light, passive air, and also the photovoltaic application for the building operational in the future. So, in modern shape, geometry and it in layout design of those institute, the building have been apply the eco-culture or values of environment during the design proccess"

2015 Eco Park

+project name : eco park +location : Bogor, West Java - Indonesia +site : 2 ha +status : 4th winner ILDC'15 competition

2016 Surfing Hub and Resort

+project name : surf hub and resort +location : Red Island, East Java - Indonesia +site : 30 ha +status : proposal The community for surfer's and surf school. We are insert the resort for the new function, so integration of function is mainly conceptual for bring the new atmosphere in tourism environment point at Red Island - 'The Hidden Paradise For Surfer;

2016 The Secret House

+project name : the secret house +location : Malang, East Java - Indonesia +site : 240 sqm +status : proposal