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Digital Portfolio: Rose Photography


Hi My Name Is Angelarose Shortt..........

Aperture (Depth of field) And ISO Photos

« Star The Pumpkin (Aperture) This is a photo of Star The Pumpkin. This photo is successful because the pumpkin stands out among the blurred out background. I took this photo because I thought it was really unique on how the light shines on the pumpkin as if it was a spotlight.

« Star The Pumpkin 2 (Aperture) I had taken this photo because I thought it was a great perspective and close up on Star The Pumpkin. It really shows the detail of the pumpkin and the area the pumpkin is in. This is a successful background because of how the blurred out background makes the pumpkin stand out in the picture.

« Cappuccino Cafe Sticker (ISO 1600) This photo is taken of a café sticker in my photography class. This photo was taken to see the difference between ISO 100, 400 and 1600.

Pan & Freeze + Elements & Principle

« Dominance This photo is dominance because the red leaf stands out among the yellow leaves. This is a successful photo because it uses variety and colour, which makes it pop out in the photo.

« Freeze This photo is freeze because of how it captures the freezing action of the balloon floating in the air and how the model is reaching up to it as if she wants to catch it. This is a successful photo because I think it's a cute photo and it is interesting to look at.

« Pan This photo is a pan photo because it freezes time and action that is captured when taking the photo.

Light Graffiti And Composition Photos

« Rule Of Thirds This photo is rule of thirds because of how the shadows are off to the side.

« Framing This photo is framing because of the little squares on the window. also the rain drops capture your attention because of how interesting it looks.

« Light Graffiti This is light graffiti because of how the camera captures the light. This photo is really interesting to me because of all the different colours you can see in the light. To me it looks like a nebula and that is why it is an interesting photo.

« Negative Space This is negative space because of the large amount of space that is above the ground and the soccer net. This is a interesting photo because of the different colours that are within the sky. That is why this is an interesting photo to me.

« S-Curve This is an s-curve because of how the pavement/concrete creates an s-curve on the ground.

Look up/Down/Close + Inspired Shot

« Gordon Parks Artist Inspired The artist that inspired me to make this photo is Gordon Parks. He inspired me because I thought it would be an interesting photo and that it would be fun to recreate. The model in the photo is my sister Amber. Why I think this photo is successful is because it really portrayed the photo and it was almost an exact clone to it. That is why I think it was successful.

« Look Up This is a look up picture. I took a picture of the sky because I thought it would be a good picture to take and to look at. The sky really mesmerized me and I loved to look at it. That is why I had took this photo. I think it was a successful photo because of how the clouds capture your eye and the texture the clouds contain. The sky is also a lovely blue which also captures my attention and draws me closer.

« Look Close This photo is a look close photo because of how close you can see the frost on the window.

« Look Down This photo is a look down photo because of how the camera is lens down to see the cracks on the ground and the lone leaf that is dominate to the grey colour of the pavement.