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Miguel Mendoza


Accelerated Digital Marketing. Refreshing Results.

Miguel Mendoza is a marketing professional with over 15 million published pages and 400,000 printed publications. His strategic marketing direction has garnered 150,000 social media followers and engaged 500,000+ post likes and 10,000+ comments. Miguel has mastered the art of story telling by reaching a worldwide audience of 850,000+ YouTube views and 1.2+ million watch time minutes. He has also led cross functional marketing efforts resulting in viral social media campaigns leveraging key influencers including Clayton Kershaw, Kirk Cameron, Nick Vujicic, & Bethany Hamilton. Miguel is an experienced marketing professional with 7+ years of experience executing internal and external communications, creating buzzworthy editorial & design, growing social channels, implementing traditional & digital marketing techniques, and managing digital assets. His work has also been featured nationally on Fox News, Inside Edition, CBN, and The 700 Club.

San Dimas, California


My skillset includes the expert use of Adobe Creative Suite including Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, and Acrobat Pro as well as WordPress CMS.

« KBRITE INSIDE FRONT COVER - 2 PAGE SPREAD The radio station's radio dial as well as their business framework are viewed upon first impression. The blue gradient boxes give the impression of a sound equalizer. Viewers are provided information of the radio station's most popular shows and other pertinent information.

« CHURCH AD This church wanted an advertisement promoting their brand new facility and partnership.

« DODGERS PARTNERSHIP Collaborated with Clayton Kershaw as well as the Los Angeles Dodgers for a cover story and ad placement (inside front cover) for the Los Angeles Dodgers. Designed this front cover and was approved by the Dodgers Marketing Director.

« CATERING AD Well themed ad coordinates with the scheme of their website.

« VIDEO MINISTRY ADVERTORIAL Designed this advertorial highlighting video services for churches and ministries.

« DESIGNED COVER. RECEIVED NATIONAL AIR TIME (SEE VIDEO) I was commissioned by Megan Alexander (CBS Football Reporter and Inside Edition correspondent) to design the cover of her book. Coordinated with Simon and Schuster (New York Times best selling publisher). It was featured nationally on CBN, The 700 Club, Fox News, and Inside Edition to name a few. (Click image above for video)

« FEATURED ON 700 CLUB AND FOX NEWS (VIDEO ABOVE) Designed the front cover of Faith in the Spotlight by Megan Alexander. It was featured on national television via The 700 Club, CBN, Fox News (click on image above), and Inside Edition to name a few.

« SOCIAL MEDIA KEY INFLUENCER ACTIVATION As the publisher of a faith-based publication, I struck partnerships with some of the most well-respected agencies, ministries and key influencers. As a result, the publication was shared on social media as part of my digital strategy efforts. The result was a viral campaign each time, an engaged social community, follower growth, and maximized visibility for the brand.


This website was developed with my direction and in collaboration with an outside agency. Prior to development, was the only place Jeffrey Court housed their digital assets. This website was developed with a key demographic in mind (25-35 year old female interested in DIY - Tile) and with mobile adaptive features for simple accessibility.

« HOME PAGE First impression was a vital aspect of the design and development phase of the website. A scrollable header image with custom branding and concise calls to action enhance the user experience.

« TABBED MODULE Tabbed module allows for easy access to all products within each collection while keeping page length and content streamlined.

« GALLERIES AND IDEAS Galleries and Idea modules enable users to get snapshots of inspiration via infinite scrolling gallery images across any device.

« PRODUCT DETAIL Users can easily pin favorite products to their Pinterest feed. Product detail takes over the product grid to allow for information to load directly on the page. A square footage calculator enables users to see how much tile they need and add items to their “Wishlist.”

« SITEMAP This is the sitemap for that served as the foundation for wireframe and development.


I developed this website based on the needs of a small business owner (caterer). A navigable website for mobile and tablet visitors (which is where the bulk of all of their traffic is referred from). Clear, simple, and frequent call to action buttons line the "One-Page" theme and have helped eliminate lost business as a result of limited phone availability.

« THEMED SLIDER A well-themed home slider warmly greets visitors with company logo, call to action, a simple one-page menu, and a scrolling slider featuring their most popular item: bread.

« SPECIALTIES AND CATERING Many images fill the website. Seen here, text is displayed next to popular dishes with clarity of their services.

« REQUEST QUOTE These call to action buttons fill the webpage. According to the ownership, phone calls are now planned and messages are forwarded to personnel for follow-up. A more planned approach to their catering services.

« STANDARDS 4 pillars on which the company operates are displayed in simple text and coordination.

« DESKTOP AND MOBILE The website was developed with user experience at the forefront no matter what device the website is viewed from.


As a Publisher of a faith-based magazine, I directed efforts resulting in 15+ million printed pages, 400k publications and digital marketing strategies leading to viral key influencer campaigns. All pages and publications were meticulously edited for accuracy and delivered across various denominational boundaries under my supervision. All editorial was strategically coordinated to deliver truth without compromising values while being sensitive to diverse Christian theology across distribution locations (i.e. churches, ministries, NPOs, Christian Universities, bookstores, coffee shops, etc).

« PRO-LIFE AD AND ARTICLE Ad and article were carefully edited and proofed to ensure accuracy and compliance with California law and NPO status. The result is an appealing ad aimed at delivering a pro-life theme.

« Q & A ARTICLES Cover stories were developed in order to capture the imagination and interest of readers. Both content and design were blended to deliver impactful message of hope.

« THEMED SECTIONS Publications were themed with sections devoted to aspects of Christian life such as home, family, God, politics, and fitness. Each issue brought readers a fresh perspective on faith as it relates to everyday life. Seen here, color scheme, layout, vector graphics, and typography are masterfully displayed to deliver content.

« HOW TO BE A SUCCESS This article portrays a clear color scheme, organized typography, and quality Christian content.