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Matt Visk


UX Engineer

Hello, my name is Matt. I have a passion for design and exceptional UI.

Detroit, MI


Head the pleasure of working on the Onstar Redesign. Was able to create unique solutions and systems to help the site aesthetically and functionally.


Retailspot was created to help aspiring entrepreneurs get their business's off the ground. A product owner or inventor can use our platform to provide an engaging store experience for millions of consumers around the world.

« Retailspot Mobile View Here is a mobile version of the Retailspot product page.


A website created to help artists of any media create and maintain their personal online portfolios. Portfoliolounge strives to be intuitive and even fun!

« Test Portfoliolounge is a great way to create a portfolio website.

Portfolio 2013

Here is a version of my portfolio in 2013. The content is generated from the same xml file I wrote in the previous portfolio I had created. It has a smooth left to right scroll when clicking through the projects. Check it out!

Portfolio 2011

Here\'s a version of my portfolio designed and developed in 2011. Enjoy :)

Wakeem Dentistry

Amazing person and Dentist. Dr. Wakeem provides and amazing service to South Eastern Michigan. Her office needed to have a great website.

Ryan Alexander Events

This event planner out of Chicago has been a huge success. I worked with Ryan Alexander Events on their Search Engine Optimization. Ranking well in google for search terms like "Chicago wedding planner", has really set themselves apart from the incredible amount of competition. The site is a custom Wordpress site with an elegant gallery.

Owner Center

Currently, I work with GM on a project called Owner Center. I work on a team of strong developers and have been pushing to make sure design is not forgotten in all the coding chaos. Check it out! Especially if you drive a car from GM. Owner center is an excellent tool for all GM car owners.

« Owner Center

Fluid Flash Portfolio

This Portfolio was designed and built in 2007. Its a fluid flash website with lots of motion and a simple interface. Flash was so cool when I began to work with it. Flash allowed me to add motion and dynamic elements to my graphic design and art projects. It was simply amazing and ultimately introduced me to web development.

Misc Design

Here is miscellaneous projects picked up along the way. Thanks for checking them out!

Signs Unleashed

Print shop out of West Bloomfield, MI needed a custom website that integrated into their design web application. We worked to ensure the site was as functional as it was marketable. The site is loaded with information and ties directly into their design software. Enjoy easy design and print services with