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I'm a 3rd year student at University of California, Riverside. My major is Administrative Studies/Economics with a focus in Marketing. My interests include advertising, community service, and reading. and marketing, and raising awareness for the issues of today's generation. My ultimate goal one day is to be able to speak to the public through my science and art of marketing.

Hayward, California

In honor of October,

« Nobody said this was sexy, and nobody said it was cheap. Our ultimate goal should be to raise proper awareness, but along with this give women a driven desire to help with the cause. "What can I really do to help?" Should be everyone's first thoughts after seeing a breast cancer ad.

« Let us start with the basics. We should begin to use October as more than a red ribbon week. Let us have high schools and colleges market these images and have them provide more than just a pink ribbon or a pink t-shirt. How about we have workshops or mandatory assemblies that teach both women and men about breast cancer and how they can keep in good health by regularly checking their bodies for anything unusual.

« This is the real deal. Breast Cancer is a serious issue. Most people don't know the real deal and would cringe at the sight of this photo. Breast Cancer Awareness is not about going braless or wearing pink, it's a real issue that needs proper awareness. Images like this need to be put on billboards to catch the attention of people and see what breast really look like when you have breast cancer.

« Men Too. Men are also at risk for breast cancer. Although, their breasts may not look exactly like ours they still contain breast tissue. Our goal should include raising men's awareness at most due to the fact that they are at risk as well.

« The Truth This is a perfect example of the images I believe should be on the billboards for breast cancer.