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Neufeld Photography



« Gray Skies This photo was taken looking up at the ceiling and the reflection of the lights in the windows creates a look similar to stars at night. This photo was taken during the Look Up, Look Down, Look Close project.

« Pan This photo is of a girl running past a hallway. The background is blurred, making the girl (who is in focus) stand out.

« Glowsticks This photo is of four glowsticks connected to form a circle being tossed in the air. This created an interesting pattern of colours and lines. This photo was taken for the Light Graffiti project.

« Yellow Leaf This photo is of a leaf with a blurry background. You can see that the setting of the photo is in a woodsy area but it's not in focus so that the leaf stands out. This photo was taken while we were photographing for the Aperture project but I didn't submit it as part of the assignment.

« "Positive Space" This photo was taken on the beach in Punta Cana and the negative space in the photo (the water) makes the shadows of the girls stand out.

« Run or Dye This photo was taken of the crowd at Run or Dye in September of 2014. Since most of the people are doing the same pose (their right arms raised), the element balance is shown.

« Fire The photo was taken with using a different ISO than normal, causing the colours of the fire to become more vibrant and the flames to stand out nicely against the dark night background.


« Fairy Garden This photo shows an S-Curve which leads your eye through the garden. It was taken in Grand Bend at a restaurant.

« Julia Margaret Cameron - Photo Recreation This photo is a recreation of a photo by the photographer Julia Margaret Cameron.

« Freeze This photo is of a balloon which seems frozen, floating in time.