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I'm a Student artist specializing in digital illustration as well as traditional media. I'm currently studying digital media and animation and hope to continue to further my education and expand my creative knowledge and skill pursuing the arts.

Howell NJ


A collection of digital paintings, and vector illustrations

« Second Star to the Right Photoshop Matte painting.

« The Sea Photoshop Matte Painting.

« The Girl Photoshop painting of a girl.

« Hatsune Miku Digital illustration of the Japanese digital idol Hatsune Miku. Created with Photoshop and illustrator.

« 3DS A mock advertisement for the nintendo 3DS, Created with adobe illustrator.

« The Beach Created with Corel painter and adobe photoshop.

« Griffen Created with Photoshop.

« Dreamscape Created with adobe Photoshop.


A series of Traditional media illustrations and paintings

« Tweedle Created with Prisma markers and pencils, water colors, instant coffee and tea bags.

« Sands of Destruction A study of color inspired by an add for the video game ' Sands of Destruction'. Created with acrylic paint.

« Skies A study of skies using water color paints.

« A Leopard Cannot Change its Spots Created with Prisma markers, chalk pastels, and ink

« Kaguyahime A Margaret Kean inspired oil painting of the Japanese fairy tale princess Kaguyahime.

« Anna Cat Created with Prisma Markers, ink and photoshop touches.