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I am Hridhya from India who preaches the mantra of perfection. I see art as a state of emotion, where different people have varied emotions attached to it. Designing to me is a form of art that effectively communicates a message. I met the creative side of me when I was in the second grade. Our art teacher taught us origami boat and I was the first one to master it in my class. This incident encouraged me to explore more into designing and crafting. Had it not been for my doodling and designing of study notes, my academic performance would have been pathetic. My unfathomable passion towards crafts is the driving reason I yearn to be a designer. The kind of smile on my loved ones when I gift them a handmade present is priceless and that's the satisfaction I am looking for when I make a career out of designing. If I have to jot down the best art form then nothing can beat the intrinsic complexity of nature.


Poster design

This project contains various posters that were designed for clients.

« Awareness poster This is an awareness poster designed for organic holi. Holi is the festival of colours. Every year the chemical contents in these colour powder contribute to pollution as well as health hazards. It is as an awareness against these that the poster was made. The poster was displayed all over the department.

« Through lens This was a poster created for the NGO 'YOUS' for a fundraising campaign. The campaign was named 'Through lens' as it was a short film contest. The campaign was a huge success

« Street food festival This was a fist look poster designed for a street food festival conducted by aunt fang's in Banglore.The theme was on south-east Asian food such as Thai.

« Vruksha This poster was done when I was interning for an event management company named 'Impressed'. The poster was done for a cultural event named 'Vruksha' that was being conducted in Madha dental college in Tamil Nadu.

My Crafts

This project contains the craft works I have done. I love doing craft and i consider it as my passion. The crafts are mostly done on paper and can be used in our day to day lives.

« Paper quilling This is a quilled Mandala. Mandala is a spiritual symbol in Hinduism. They are used in the wall art in temples and is said to help in meditation and keeping oneself calm. It has, however, become a generic term which denotes art where shapes are used mostly circle. This mandala can be made into a frame and can be hung on the wall.

« Phone case This is a doodle phone case. Doodle phone case has been in trend recently and I thought why not have a personalised doodle phone case made out of paper.

« Paper Quilling Jhumkas Jhumkas are one of the traditional accessories that have come back in fashion today. Jhumkas are a kind of earring where the bottom would be round in shape with a hollow. Though it is usually made by metal, Jumkas made by terracota and paper quilling have become widely popular today. These are a pair of simple Jhumkas.

My artworks

This projects contain few of my artistic work that I did just to pass time. Drawing and painting has surely become my hobby that I enjoy doing them when I am stressed or bored.

« Crayon art Quote courtesy: A walk to remember movie

« A bride A doodle that was done for the bride. Later it was selected as a design by the college fo a function.

« Doodle This is a doodle owl I did which was later selected for notice board display in my college.

Web design

This section contain various web designs that was done as part of our college assignments as well as internship program.

« Potterheads This is the second page of the website. When the button 'start the journey' is selected from the 1st page it directs to the second page.

« Potterheads This is the third place and the page where you get sorted to one of the houses depending on the quiz that is taken. If already a member, the page shows news feeds and comments.

« Potterheads When we were asked to do a web design as part of our curriculum, I thought of nothing but a Harry Potter fan page being one myself. I named it Potterheads and designed the main three pages. This is the 1st page.