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Helen Kuusk


Visual & casual

DCIM Support

Re-design for DCIM Support page (Schneider Electric)

Danish Haemophilia Society

Digital Concept Development I semester project. Creating a digital solution which motivates the target group to track their treatment logs and creates a long-term habit. The solution was an app for tracking the patient's condition, and an interactive toy Bamse Blød for kids suffering from haemophilia.

Augmented reality solution for Tivoli

This project was a part of my Multimedia Design studies. The concept and video were created together with a group of 5 students. The task was to create an augmented reality solution for Tivoli. The solution was an app with information about each attraction in Tivoli and augmented reality close to some attractions, such as fireworks. Time of execution: 10 days.

Core Copenhagen

Re-designing website and developing visual identity

Digital and fine art

« My illustration featured in Bolig Magasinet (Nov 2015)

Superhero Roger

Roger is a mascot for DCIM Support (Schneider Electric). Roger is the embodiment of DCIM Support page’s personality. Brand traits: Nerdy, friendly, always ready to help. He is encouraging (“Do it!”). Mascot is presented on the DCIM Support page as well as in DCIM Support newsletters to make a coherent experience for the user throughout all user touch points.

« Mascot presented in DCIM Support newsletter

« DCIM Support maintenance page

« DCIM Support 404 page

Graphic design

« Steam punk style pixie book

« MM36 logo design

« Infographic

« The Bike Shop logo design

« Opposites - school work

« MM36 T-shirt design

Travel diary

Snapshots from different locations around the globe

« Plants on pink - Marrakech, Morocco

« Scottish Highlands

« Bregenz, Austria

« Between Denmark and Sweden

« Patterns in Morocco

« St Paul's Cathedral, London

« Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe, Berlin

« Patterns in Morocco

« Marrakech, Morocco

« Snow in Africa - Atlas mountains

« Copenhagen, Denmark

« Morning in the Sahara desert camp

« Swiss Alps

« Swiss Alps

« Streets of Marrakech, Morocco

« Streets of Marrakech, Morocco

« Eisriesenwelt, Austria

« Spring in Estonia

« Breakfast in Morocco

« Bergamo, Italy

« Lake Bodensee, Germany

« Kings Cross, London