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« Remembrance Size- 6in x 8.5in___Medium- Ebony pencil

« Frost Size- 2.5in x 4in x 4in___ Medium- Ceramic___ (Custom layered glaze technique.)

« Turbulence Size- 2.5in x 4in x 4in___ Medium- Ceramic

« Winter on Windowsill Size- 12in x 25in___ Medium- Acrylic paint___ (Observation of growing icicles at night.)

« Daily Grind Size- 3.5ft x 5ft___ Medium- Charcoal & chalk

« Monumental Portrait Size- 3.5ft x 5ft___ Medium- Oil pastel

« Back to Basics Size- 11in x 14in___ Medium- Oil paint

« The Dimensions of Sound Size- 4in x 23in x 24in___ Medium- Ceramic___ (Hand cut stencils, and clay slip combining.)

« 'Love' Master Copy Master copy of 'Love' by Eric Fischl ___ Size- 20in x 24in___ Medium- Acrylic paint & gel medium

« Journey Size- 4in x 7.5in x 2.5in___ Medium- Ceramic___ (Sits on a shelf with the effect of "melting over".)

« Child's Play Size- 6in x 8.5in___ Medium- Ebony pencil

« Lineage Size- 9in x 12in___ Medium- Sharpie on acetate