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BArch, MSc Historic Building Conversation, relentlessly working on my MArch... I love oldschool architecture drawing with ink pens and watercolour sketching.

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Things I have drawn in life drawing classes.

The Health Village

BRIEF - ARCHITECTURE AS A HEALER Utilizing architecture as a healer has been the absolute driving force behind the writing of the brief, site choice and development of form. From the assigned options of dance, school and SPA I chose spa but steered towards a particular expression of this typology - HEALTH SPA. A place that is dedicated to physical well-being, be it relaxation, exercise or assisted physio therapy. The choice of the secondary brief followed naturally - MENTAL HEALTH center. A person’s well-being is a combination of taking care of both aspects of their health and, therefore, could and should be housed in one place to be accessible and interchangeable. Moreover it is surprising to me that these institutions aren’t housed together more often already. A person with mental health issues often neglect their physical well-being and once they start healing mentally they start paying attention and seeking help to improve their mental health. From the other point of view, a person experiencing physical difficulties often encounter mental health issues as a consequence. It only makes sense that while working on physical recovery an access to mental health support should be available. The choice of Bristol Gasworks as my site actually expanded the notion of architecture of a healer to outside of human preoccupation. The site is derelict and has been abandoned and forgotten for decades. I saw an opportunity to use architecture as a healer of place. To revive it, bring it back into the city and support, quite literally, the existing structures to improve their ‘health’. The form was therefore driven by the healing aspects it needed to provide. Healing of place in a way was the simplest of the tasks as it mostly required structural considerations. However, through careful study of precedents of dealing with existing structures a general conservation strategy was developed. More suitable to the English school of conservation thought rather than continental I believe it is important to be honest of what the structures and space is now, rather than try and reinstate it. Currently they are a set of walls. No restrictions on where the floors, roof if any should be. Through study of precedents, discussed in the report, and some academic studies on the subject it became rather apparent that we as humans feel most comfortable and are more likely to recover in a home environment. There are a lot of other aspects to consider as colours, materials, daylight etc. But all of these requirements stem from the need of domestic environment. Materials used should be what’s found in a home, scale of rooms and lighting etc. Therefore, the challenge was to create a rather large institutional building that would feel like a domestic house while respecting the heritage of the site.


Things I have sketched or created in my free time