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Hi, may name's Drew. I am a Graphic Designer. I have spent the last 28 years developing my skill set and using my vast experience to provide today's media professionals with very specific graphics-driven results, whether it be traditional print or, as expected, moving into the digital arena. I can provide beautiful presentation visuals to drive and inspire consumers to make the right choice when deciding on specific marketing materials and assets to develop their business further.

Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire

L’Oréal Excell 10’ PR-to-Digital Framework

« L‘Oréal Excell 10’ PR-to-Digital Framework L’Oréal Group is always on a continual journey to update and improve on their brand presence, particularly when faced with new product ranges. As part of the ongoing roll-out for their website, an additional product range, in the shape Excell 10’, meant the current framework had to accommodate the brand to sit comfortably amongst the other group products. As such, a certain amount of restrictions to design had to be considered when working from the original PR campaign. Using the supplied high-res digital assets, I devised a consistent look and feel to be achieved across both print and digital, respectively.

« The existing modular framework helped achieve the final web-derived version for the Excell 10' brand.

Strategic In-Store Product Placement

« Strategic In-Store Product Placement Part of many brand’s strategic selling approach and presence is to create images and planograms as guides to help show their positioning and dominance in-store. More often than not, these are usually supplied but occasionally I would be called upon to bring these graphics to life using JPEG’s of pack-fronts to create a visionary impression of their on-shelf appearance, usually for Boots and Superdrug stores.

First Choice Logo Concepts

« The original First Choice logo.

« The final First Choice 2016 design – The ‘Solaris’ Voila! After 8 week\'s work, and constant bickering and deliberating, the winner was finally announced in October 2015. And the rest is history.

« Stage 2 – Graphic Concepts From the sketches, I then developed these further by creating vector graphics. With the help of the Art Editor and Creative Lead, we then whittled down the remaining few designs to show before the TUI Design Team. The final few concepts were handed to Marketing and Development where options were then reviewed by the Directors.

« ‘Beach Ball’ Concept This design was an extremely enjoyable concept for me to have processed, right from sketch through to finished design, and was given consideration for its look and feel as a device. The separate shapes were used to enhance different divisions within the First Choice group. The use of the original logo\'s \'flower\' component was an important part of the initial brief.

« First Choice ‘Cloud’ Concept This design was rejected. The message was there but it was felt this was not apparent enough to engage with the brand look and feel, and was considered too diverse as a design.

« Key visual option featuring First Choice ‘Cloud’ Concept.

« Stage 1 – Initial Sketch Concepts Having been given a brief by the TUI Marketing and Development Team to begin new branding and logo concepts for their sister brand First Choice, the design team were then tasked with beginning the transition of change from what existed to how the brand now looks. Originally, the brand redevelopment was going to remain in-house, although it was seen as a good exercise to engage thought processes and direction from outside sources, as had been previously. A small number of agencies were approached to bring their expertise into the mix, and help envisage this new strategy, and breathe new life into an out-dated brand. This transition had a window of just 8 weeks, so we had to move fast. To begin with, I started scribbling initial sketch ideas before deciding on which designs to go with.

« Key visual option featuring First Choice ‘Beach Ball’ Concept.

Save Our Green Belt in North Herts

« Save Our Green Belt in North Hertfordshire As part of an ongoing initiative to prevent local government controlled authorities from building on green belt land, I was approached to develop a logo and literature to help with this campaign and hopefully stop this legislation from going through. The logo was created in two formats – landscape and portrait – which will be used throughout this campaign. The SOGB group helped devise relevant literature to bring this cause to the fore, with flyers distributed throughout the North Herts area. A pop-up banner was also created to highlight this further, and was used during preventative campaigning.

Alps D’Or Rebrand & Concepts

« Alps D’Or Swiss Chocolate Rebranding and Packaging Concepts As part of their initiative to activate their international presence and expand further afield, Alps D’Or approached designers to pitch for a rebrand or their product, to include promotional material, conceptual packaging and a microsite.

« Alps D’Or Swiss Chocolate Rebranding and Packaging Concepts In order to gauge a perspective on how this will look in its finished form, I created several concepts for a packaging design based on their brief - to be distinctly Swiss, with subtle yet commercial undertones. Having devised three initial concepts, this would be beneficial in providing subversions of their products to cater for allergy suffers, for instance.

« Alps D’Or Swiss Chocolate Rebranding and Packaging Concepts

Schwarzkopf Igora Vibrance Tray

« Schwarzkopf Igora Vibrance Tray This shelf tray visual, created for Schwarzkopf brand Igora to house their Vibrance hair product range, was visually recreated in Photoshop as a hi-res mock-up, for use by their in-house merchandising team. The original files were supplied in order for me to recreate an exact replication of the original JPEG photo, which is shown below for comparison.

MAGAL Engineering Expo Stand

« View 2 shows the walkthrough plan from the left. All the panels were mounted on 10mm foamex, with each display stand housing various component parts within their own designated area. The stand was finished with an HD-LCD screen, interactive help desk, a table with seating and complementing grey carpet throughout.

« MAGAL Automechanika Expo Stand MAGAL are a multi-national company specialising in components for the commercial and domestic vehicle industry. Under instruction by the Head of Design and using the flat artwork created and based on the company's brand guidelines, I applied these elements to the supplied 3D renders in Photoshop, to envisage the finished stand from its initial development stages prior to installation at the 2016 Automechanika Exhibition at Birmingham NEC. A comprehensive flat-plan of all printed components was then created to assist the production team during the build and installation process, shown as numbers.

Ashridge Hult Exhibition Stand

« Ashridge Hult Executive Education Exhibition Stand (3) The website, used as a style guide for the look and feel for the artwork.

« Ashridge Hult Executive Education Exhibition Stand (1) Ashridge Hult are an arm of Ashridge Managment and Education, specialising in e-commerce and business-to-business education via conferencing and on-site training. Created for one of their forthcoming B2B Exhibitions, this nice project for Ashridge Hult Executive Education boasted plenty of scope for free license, of sorts, to be creative, with strong influence for the design taken from their website. The supplied images were enhanced with subtle duotone effects, and followed a generic design for which the institute has become familiar. At a size of three metres, with four equal panel drops for the main artwork (above), this allowed for convenient placement of all the graphic elements, so as not to intrude when splitting and installing post-production. Additional items were also created for the counter units.

« Ashridge Hult Executive Education Exhibition Stand (2) The finished and installed stand at exhibition, prior to conference.

Rabid Turtle Logo & Brand Awareness

« Rabid Turtle Logo & Brand Awareness Rabid Turtle Productions are a media company based in Monterey, California, specialising in small-production local television work in the United States. As an ongoing pitch on, the brief was to develop a logo and branding execution to use in both traditional and digital platforms across all media production. Having received a large number of pitches from various agencies and individuals alike, my entry was shortlisted and eventually chosen as the winning design. The company also asked for a "light-bite" branding manual to be created, to highlight the key elements of the branding structure to be adhered to later on.

« Rabid Turtle Logo and Brand Awareness Of 152 entries, my pitch was eventually chosen as the winning design. I no longer use, but I gained plenty of useful knowledge and great client feedback on many projects during my time on the site.

« Rabid Turtle Logo and Brand Awareness (1) Logo device colour breakdown.

« Rabid Turtle Brand Awareness (2) Logo device "How To's".

L‘Oréal Group Range Presentations

« L‘Oréal InvisiFX Core range visual.

« Enhanced to show how the layers are built and effects are made.

« L‘Oréal Excellence Créme Created for use in a PowerPoint presentation, to highlight additional colours within the range. Elements taken from existing pack artworks and then manipulated in Photoshop.

« Garnier Fructis Core Shampoo and Conditioner Range.

« L‘Oréal Studio Line Indestructible Complete Retail Range.

« L‘Oréal Men Expert Demonstration of image editing process, to convey generation of new product prior to launch.

« L‘Oréal Triple Resist Mock-Up Press ad mock-up, vector labels applied to raster image.

Armani Code Remix 100K Sales Tally

« Armani Code Remix 100K Sales Tally Prestige And Collections, a subsidiary of L\'Oréal Group, are a collective of some of the world\'s best known fragrance and fashion brands. This brief was to create a floor-standing thermometer-style tally which would monitor the sales progress of both the male and female Emporio Armani Remix products. This device aided in showing how ‘hot’ a product was by determining which of the two would achieve 100,000 sales first, and how quickly. The artwork was printed on magnetic vinyl and applied to 10mm CAD-cut foamex. Magnetic or Velcro temperature sales indicators would be applied to show the forecast in sales for every 10,000 sold. This successful campaign was a close call, but male won!

Fancy Reject T-Shirt Design

« Fancy Reject T-Shirt Design (Private Client) Commissioned as a private job, and thanks to the client's brief, I was asked to create a punk-looking t-shirt design based on the original image (as shown above). I was given plenty of artistic expression to go wild on this one! Having cut out and masked the lifestyle image, I was then able to apply various filters, brush effects and adjustments to the hue and saturation to achieve the desired effect, then finished the look with a 'ransom note'-style font. This culminated in a "pop-art meets hip-hop" look and feel to the final design.

Sure Compressed Peel-To-Reveal

« Sure Peel-To-Reveal Campaign (Magazine Mock-up)

« Sure Peel-To-Reveal Campaign In an attempt to improve their global carbon footprint by reducing packaging waste, Unilever continue to find solutions, so consumers don't lose out when implementing this initiative through their products. Shoppers always associate size with value, so when brand Sure introduced their Compressed range, it had to be created in a simple, self-explanatory way. To get to grips with this brief, I used the power of Photoshop to work on developing this 3-step approach to the peel-to-reveal campaign. It was challenging message to process into a visual, hence the question of how do we show people they're getting the same amount of product but in a smaller size. Working with a 3D designer's mock-ups, I had to demonstrate this by using the science of compressed molecules, shown as blue spheres. The larger can (peel-off) reveals the new smaller version underneath, thus explaining how sustained compression works.

NEFF Collection 2016 Brochure

« NEFF Collection 2016 Brochure NEFF is a subsidiary of BSH (Bosch Siemens Home), specialising in bespoke kitchen and home appliance products. I was assigned to undertake this project on a contractual basis, working alongside the Head of Design, and to oversee the NEFF Collection 2016 brochure production from concept to completion, using InDesign CC. With an eventual size of 265pp and created for showroom use, this brochure needed to represent the quality of the products it featured. Using the BSH online asset management system to download the required images and content, the brochure was created section-by-section, comprising Ovens, Hoods and Refrigeration amongst it sub-categories. Over-running its inital six-week turnaround plan and an increase in overall size, the brochure was completed in April 2016. The front cover, which included a fold-out, was finished in matt laminate 200gsm card, with 160gsm paper stock for the internal. Alongside this brochure, a 16pp Distinct Collection mini brochure was also developed based on this design.

L’Oréal Boots Product Web Banners

« L’Oréal Boots Product Web Banners As part of Boots’ continual rotation and necessary promotion of new product ranges on their website, my skills are called upon to periodically update the banners used on it, often as frequently as three weeks per cycle, often in large numbers (sometimes up to 30 in any one rotation), creating differing sizes and frequently amending the copy to meet client requirements, dependent on where they are within the website. As a result, these projects were often extensive and time consuming. Using Photoshop, in RGB, some layers are primarily ready to re-use when creating updated versions, alleviating the task a little. Each banner is designed to fit within a specific slot on the Boots website, and often include time-lapse and roll-over features. With little room for error, brand consistency is very important and a key factor to the structure of these banners. As a result, these projects were often time consuming.

TUI Group Magazines & Brochures

« TUI Group Family Life Brochure TUI Group are enjoying strategic rebranding across all their traditional and digital markets, including marketing and design for their current brochure roster, comprising package holidays and specialist itineraries catering for every niche and demographic. As well as redevelopment, I was also responsible for generating style guides and approved page implementation and creation for no less than three titles, including Thomson‘s own onboard magazine, Inflight, and worked on numerous brochures which form part of the current range, such as Family Life, Thomson Cruises and Sensatori, from concept through to flat-plan. I was also privileged to be included in the conceptual stages of new brand development for sister company, First Choice.

« TUI Group Inflight Magazine A luxury read whilst on-board a Thomson flight. Incidentally, the front cover is interchangeable, with a masculine or feminine product feature.

« Where to next? Double page spread. Using TUI‘s EPIC asset management system gave me great access to images and graphic elements to help source and convey the look and feel required to create lovely graphics. The rule was simple. Make it bright, bold and exciting.

« Sweet Dreams. Double page spread. This spread highlights the use of infographics, created in Illustrator, to promote Thomson‘s new flagship Dreamliner aircraft.

« Making Waves. This 2 x DPS promotional feature supplement marks the introduction of Thomson‘s latest cruise liner, Thomson Discovery, to join the current fleet, and represents the brand as the flagship model when unveiled in early 2017. Working closely with the editorial team, this supplement was in its infancy in August 2015, and was the main feature within the new Cruises brochure.

« Part two of the 2 x DPS promotional feature supplement for Thomson Discovery.

Fiesta Catering Rebrand Pitch

« Fiesta Catering Rebrand Pitch Fiesta Catering Supplies approached me online and invited me to contribute to a pitch, which was to design a fresh logo as part of their ongoing rebrand strategy. But, with only a small budget set aside by the company, it was up to me to work my magic to come up with something fresh and unique. The packaging mock-up provides extra weight to the design dynamic, helping to emphasize their brand presence on-shelf.

Project Hendrick Asia Deo Launch

« Project Hendrick Rexona East Asia Deo Launch In a joint initiative with a fellow agency, Unilever asked the design teams to aid in developing a series of product presentations to coincide with the introdcution and launch of Rexona's MotionSense female deodorant range within the East Asian marketplace. This mainly comprised of pack artworks and range mock-up's (Photoshop versions, as above, created by myself) to slowly gain consumer confidence and brand presence for this product within East Asia.

Saka Mineral Water

« Double sided business card concept.

« Promotional advertising A-frame.

« 6-page promotional mailer.

« Saka Water Promotional Advertising Based in Australia, Saka is an up and coming brand of mineral water which has high alkalinity, calcium content and full of natural minerals. Green awareness is extremely important to the brand, as is product quality. The company have been praised for their eco-recycling initiative and won the prestigious 2011 Superior Taste Award at the International Taste Quality Institute in Brussels. Aimed at the younger, sporting generation, the product is taking this competitive sector by storm. With clean, edgy advertising and no-nonsense branding promotion, Saka is seeing a well-deserved boost to its otherwise spend-thrift international commercial media budget. Believing in the brand has made this an extremely enjoyable and rewarding project, with the pending results of the new campaign\'s success ready to be freshly tasted on consumers\' lips. Using my expertise in Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator, I chose to develop a clean, clinical design that pushes for a fresh and dynamic look, emphasizing the key elements of the Saga brand - purity, cleanliness, award-winning taste, active lifestyle and their environmental footprint.

Balance Magazine by Mizani

« Balance Magazine by Mizani From an original design adapted by myself, Balance Magazine by Mizani was introduced and distributed throughout Afro-Caribbean hair-styling salons and boutiques across London, giving clients something beautiful and glossy to read whilst awaiting their appointments. Enjoying wide-spread praise and acclaim and receiving numerous accolades and awards for its quality, subject content and ease of readability, the magazine went bilingual from Issue 2 onwards, thanks to its growing popularity – and several pages bigger – in both English and French language.

Kérastase Homme Capital Force

« Kérastase Homme Capital Force Skincare Sample Mailer Keen to capitalize on other areas of cosmetics and skincare, Kérastase developed a range of products for men to compete within the popular and growing male grooming sector, with their own Homme Capital Force range. This promotional 4pp mailer, produced on matt-laminated 280gsm card, contained a set of small samples to draw awareness to the forthcoming range. The three samples were produced as detachable, disposable 10ml plastic capsules.

Animierte Werbefilme

« Animierte Werbefilme pitch for German media company. Conceptual rebrand including logo redesign.

L‘Oréal Group Press Advertising

« L‘Oréal Group Press Advertising Naturally, part of L‘Oréal Group‘s advertising is through traditional press and print media, including mailouts and fliers. With as many categories and there are brands, press advertising is a massive part of their annual design budget. Brand maintenance is key, as is good time management, as often the same artwork is adapted slightly differently to accommodate additional products or promotions. More often than not, the files are supplied from the corporation‘s international division in France, before being converted to English.

BBC UK Interior Brand Placement

« BBC Radio Derby Foyer (After) With the Photoshop-manipulated ‘makeover’ firmly in place, the client can now get a feel for how the foyer will look upon installation.

« BBC Radio Derby Foyer (Before) The BBC is updating its branding, and have been trying to come up with ideas on how to improve the interior look of their Radio and Media stations, by envisaging a \'makeover\', to get a sense of realism prior to installation. This plan includes new improved lighting, as well as brighter and more neutral colour space.

« BBC Radio Norfolk Foyer Interior (Before) Again, to show the ongoing brand transformation currently taking shape across the BBC, the design team was tasked to implement these changes with BBC Radio Norfolk. Having measured the main areas for upgrade, I was then able to create artwork based on these measurements, as well as providing eyecatching visual options showing how the foyer could eventually look.

« BBC Radio Norfolk Foyer Interior (After) Even though this is simply a graphic simulation, with the subtle changes in place, as adapted from the BBC’s new branding guidelines, it is clear to see how these improvements are already set to make a big difference. I introduced colour-changing mood lighting to the back of the reception desk, addtional down-light to the front, as well as a large back-lit 25mm cad-cut foamex logo to the upper section, and an optional LED information screen above the foyer.

« BBC Radio Norfolk Foyer Exterior (Before) As shown here, the exterior of the foyer shows very little evidence of BBC’s presence within.

« BBC Radio Norfolk Foyer Exterior (After) In this option, the addition of pillar wraps, interactive LED display stands and changes to the front desk provide a better use of the branding initiative BBC are keen to employ. Note the backlit information panel at the rear of the desk, shown in a close-up view, below.

« BBC Radio Norfolk Foyer Reception Desk (Before) With only a roller banner and a small information panel on display, this area is in need of a graphic transformation.

« BBC Radio Norfolk Foyer Reception Desk (After) This option demonstrates more the placement of new BBC brand elements, with a fresh, brighter look and feel. The illuminated 10mm perspex information panel runs off the mains, complementing the colour-changing mood lighting.

Lancôme Trésor Midnight A5 Mailer

« Side 2 of the internal A5 mailer.

« Lancôme Trésor Midnight A5 Internal Boots Mailer Internal A5 mailer developed for Boots for internal use, to launch new Lancôme fragrance Trésor, as promoted by the ‘Ambassadress‘, Emma Watson.

« Side 1 of the internal A5 mailer, showing 3mm bleed and cut marks.

Totocci V4 Shirt Box Concepts

« Totocci V4 Box Concepts Totocci V4 are an upcoming small-run couture fashion company specialising in unique designs for both men and women. The client brief was to create several conceptual designs for a shirt box, which had to exude quality and class. Using image sourcing and plenty of creativity, I presented several options of which the company are in the process of reviewing.

Northshore Tennis Academy

« Northshore Tennis Academy Online pitch for American amateur and professional tennis training academy, specialising in coaching and business functions.

Thomson Affiliated Web Banners

« Thomson Affiliated Web Banners Having completed the latest edition of the Family Life brochure, I was then given the opportunity to stretch my legs with this very enjoyable email web banner development project. Included in the brief was the addition of brand asset sheets which detailed the modular framing set-up and colour palette, based on the 2015/16 guidelines imposed by Thomson. These would go hand-in-hand with assets when supplying to sources outside of the TUI group. The examples shown include variations in sizes for both lifestyle and destination versions of current Thomson promotions. All web banner artwork was set-up in Adobe Illustrator, with modular framing and pre-live digital created in Photoshop. Including the all options, some 82 variations were created to cater for the different demographics, itineraries and holiday packages offered by Thomson.

Wilkinson Energizer Time Portal

« The unclad mock-up, ready for artwork to be applied.

« Wilkinson Energizer Commemorative Time Portal To celebrate 85 years as an established high street brand, Wilkinson required something creative to mark this milestone in the company‘s history. Using artwork supplied by the client, the project involved conceptual thinking with freedom allocated to the majority of the design whilst remaining on brand throughout. The structure was produced off-site, then installed at the company‘s head office. Sponsored by Energizer, it included a large floor-standing mock-up of a 9V battery. The sense of theatre and nostalgia was complete with a ‘Back To The Future‘-style clock, music and totems detailing the history of the Wilkinson brand.

Oxford School of Learning

« Oxford School of Learning Online Book Icons Oxford School of Learning provides further educational support for University graduates looking to study in bite-sized chunks via download. From a brief supplied by the client, I was asked to provide colour-coded icons in the form of study books, to accompany the online downloads on the OSL website. Several variations were created to accommodate the subjects or courses required.

« Website link:

shu uemura Packaging Artwork

« shu uemura Packaging Shu Uemura's philosophy and holistic approach to his brand has made it a household name amongst beauty and make-up experts, providing both simplicity and quality to all of the brand's products. This was an important factor to be included when devising the shu uemura packaging. Working from client-supplied templates, I collaborated with the design to team to develop client-approved layouts from several concepts.

Clynol Brilliance Tray Mock-Up

« Clynol Brilliance Tray Photoshop Mock-Up Similar to the Igora Vibrance tray, and based on the same artwork template, this version was fully manipulated in Photoshop as a flat file to simulate 3D. This was used for staff training purposes.

La Roche-Posay 6pp Leaflet

« La Roche-Posay 6pp Leaflet L‘Oréal subsidiary La Roche-Posay are experts in providing care to long-term suffers of skin, pigment and dermatological problems. The brand prides itself on being the first to showcase the latest innovations and developments within this field of skincare. Part of this promotional drive comes in the form of mailers and fliers which follow the clean, sparse execution set in place by the French brand. From files supplied by the client, I was able to relay and transfer this look and feel across all marketing materials and collateral.

Garnier Intensive 7 Days Spinner

« Garnier Intensive 7 Days Spinner Garnier are always promoting their products through innovative and engaging devices. This particular one, a spinner made for their Intensive 7 Days Daily Body Lotion range. Used as a promotional help and advice guide by sales staff when customers purchase one of the products, interpreting the five different ingredients and the skin properties they are most suited to. Created in Illustrator from elements gathered from the brand guidelines, the three elements are made up of two individual artworks (spinner and reverse are double sided), printed on die-cut 200gsm card, held in place with a central plastic button.

Dewar's 12 Duty-Free GWP Ad Campaign

« Dewar’s 12 Duty-Free Gift with Purchase Advertising Campaign Bacardi Limited have some of the world’s biggest and most recognized beverage brands in their portfolio. Dewar’s, the Scotch Whiskey distillers, were one of the many brands looking to promote their products with gift-with-purchase incentives as part of their seasonal promotions. This duty-free advertising campaign included magazine advertising, A2 and A1 posters, in-store hanging banners and digital presence.

« World of Duty-Free in-store presence, hanging banner.

Color Riche For Basso and Brooke

« Color Riche For Basso and Brooke Limited Edition Packaging As part of a joint venture between L’Oréal Paris and fashion house Basso and Brooke, the Color Riche brand underwent a stunning transformation with a set of four limited edition \'chocolate\' colours to coincide with London Fashion Week. From an ellaborate original graphic supplied by Bruno Basso and Christopher Brooke, this was the basis for a seamless background on which the artwork would be applied. Having collaborated with the design team, I then created an appropriately-styled look and feel for this unique packaging whilst maintaining the Color Riche brand.

International Sheet Metal Review

« Enjoying new growth within the industry, sheet metal production is now easier and faster than ever, mainly due to new advances in technology, enabling an increase in productivity coupled with reliability. ISMR is now the leading title in its field, and the number one choice for professionals within the industry. ISMR is widely recognized for its leading research and up-to-date information on new and upcoming innovations in product development for commercial sheet-metal production. As resident Designer for this title, I am responsible for initiating and developing page layouts, working from an often-revised flat-plan. From subbed editorial and supplied images, I liaise with both the Production Manager and lead Project Manager throughout the design process, ensuring timely delivery of artwork within deadline. An often challenging but always exciting title to work on, it does reap its rewards when you see the finished results.

Lancaster Insurance Classic Motor Show 2016

« Lancaster Insurance Classic Motor Show 2016 The Lancaster Insurance Classic Motor Show is highly revered and regarded to be the most comprehensive exhibition of its kind in the UK. Situated at Birmingham\'s National Exhibition Centre (NEC), comprising no less than six halls, held over two full days, the show is a signature part of the classic vehicle events calendar. This year\'s show was no exception, and continued to surprise and delight as it always does year on year. Following a disappointing response to the 2015 edition of the CMS Souvenir Guide, an initial redesign was requested for 2016, to modernise the look and feel and inject some freshness into the design. As such, I was called upon to undertake this task, and provide a cleaner, more modular style which would appeal to all age demographics, working alongside the Production Manager and lead Project Manager to provide a timely deadline schedule. The new guide comprised 164pp - one of the biggest issues to date - which included updated maps and new style guides throughout, as part its revised layout. Upon initial print-production, the guide was pre-bagged before final delivery to the show.

Dove Purely Pampering GWP Prototype Packaging

« As part of ongoing brand positioning of their products within an already vast skincare marketplace, Dove called upon the design and development teams to devise several GWP packaging routes with a common aim of targeting specific female demographics. As part of this brief, and liaising with the Product Manager and Head of Creative at the time, I was tasked to create a number of Photoshop-devised visual aids, using elements already supplied by the client. Two main products - Body Wash and Renourishing Lotion - would form the basis of the initial product, with a larger gift set to include an additional product, encouraging choice and value as part of the drive to make final purchase. These options were then submitted to the Review Team before finalizing the chosen designs.

Surface Design Show 2017

« Surface Design Show Preview 2017 The Surface Design Show is a seminal event in the interior and architectural design calendar. It provides a place where experts can discuss and develop ideas, use their knowledge and experience to guide consumers ’both commercial and domestic’ through the interior design process, as well as highlight new products and innovations within the surface industry. As part of the initial launch date, an introductory Show Preview is developed to enhance awareness of the event, and highlight key areas of the show prior to the its initial launch. Designed from scratch, the Show Preview design was created with a branding and style later adopted for its bigger brother, the Surface Design Show Guide 2017. Developed in association with Stone Gallery, Light School and Surface Design Awards, the show proved yet again to be a resounding success.

Welding World Buyer‘s Guide 2017

« Welding World Buyer‘s Guide 2017 Welding World represents the full extent of the welding industry and is seen as the most comprehensive publication in its field. The Buyer‘s Guide is an important point of networking for businesses and contractors alike. The brochure is also a detailed glossary, referencing the different processes used within the industry. Following feedback from the client regarding a new graphic execution for the publication, I worked with the Project Manager to devise a new creative approach, including an entirely new style sheet throughout, with emphasis on a ‘younger‘ feel to the design, as it was seen that its predecessor was dated. The magazine was finished with perfect binding and a gloss cover.

L‘Oréal Elnett “Love Cheryl“ Brand Presence

« L‘Oréal Elnett ‘Love Cheryl‘ Brand Awareness As part of the branding promotion for Cheryl Cole to promote her exclusive L‘Oréal Elnett “Love Cheryl” haircare range, I was assigned to this shopper journey project to show how the products will look in-store; this included vector and raster developed front and side views of floor standing units, gondola ends and shelf banners, as well as 3D views to show positioning and presence in-store.

NarpsUK Certification Graphics

Garnier Skin Naturals SSU Mock-Up

« Garnier Skin Naturals SSU Mock-Up Created in Photoshop using vector graphics and elements supplied by the client, this mock-up was one of many generated for in-house use by the Garnier marketing team, to envisage in-store presence and product placement.

Nut Butter Punch Drink Concepts

« Nut Butter Punch Drink Concepts This pitch-project was an exercise in the development and creation of a range of delicious and nutritious drinks with nuts as their consumable origin. Research has shown a three-fold increase in this area of the healthy drinks market, so there is clear scope for growth in this area. I was approached to use my packaging expertise to help envisage a new range combining different nut varieties; peanut, almond and brazil nut. The Nut Butter Punch range is specifically targeted at non-allergen consumers. Colour-coding was an integral part of the branding and development process, to help distinguish and categorize the range.

Garnier Roll-On Boots Window Graphics

« Garnier Roll-On Boots Window Graphics Adapted and created for Boots promotional marketing, these graphics were later applied in a shallower format to leave space for further advertising, as shown below.

Truckfest Scotland 2017

« Truckfest Scotland 2017 One of my new resident titles to work on is Truckfest. This event is the biggest truck-related festival series in the UK, attracting some half-a-million visitors across the year to its eight annual venues up and down the country. As part of an ongoing roll-out of consistent designs following a recently revised style template, Scotland\'s 2017 guide follows in this tradition, with new blue colour-coding, updated fonts and a more family-friendly layout.