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Design Unit was established in 1971 with the express purpose of providing South African companies with a professional graphic and corporate communications design service. Design Unit has established its reputation through pioneering efforts in the field of corporate communications - primarily Corporate Identity programmes, Brand Building and through a strategic ‘solutions driven’ approach, as opposed to offering a ‘product’ or a ‘one-size-fits-all’ service. The success achieved by our past and present clients is a testimony to the effectiveness of correctly applied graphic design principles, across all industries, and of our impact in South Africa. We believe that constant communications with our clients is an integral part of the corporate design process and ensures that both parties are continually striving for the same desired result. At its inception, the company initiated a philosophy to pursue the highest degree of design quality and perfection within realistic budgetary constraints. This philosophy remains unchanged. Our past and present client list includes: AVIS, Barlows, CAT, Cadac, Concrete Lining Products, Deloitte & Touche, Diversity Management, Duke of Print, Eden Green, Eskom, Financial Planning Institute of South Africa, Fli-Afrika Travel, Gallic, Gundle, Hadeco, Hamlet Foundation, Merenksy, Johannesburg Securities Exchange (JSE), Milpark Business School, M-Sports Marketing Strategic Sponsorship Agency, Premier Soccer League, Reginald Ormonde Counselling Centre, REMAX, Shaft Sinkers, South African Airways, South African Institute of Electrical Engineers, Spescom, Standard Bank, Streaks Ahead Transport and Logistics, Premier Soccer League, Top Trailers, ZENEX and many other successful South African companies big as well as small.

Germiston, Johannesburg, South Africa


A Selection of projects from various Brands that we have worked on.

« STANDARD BANK, ZENEX, BARLOWS CAT & ESKOM Comprehensive design systems were developed for major South African companies including a detailed interior signage programme for Standard Bank, the application of the then new CAT identity for dealers worldwide and the original corporate identity for Eskom.

« JOHANNESBURG SECURITIES EXCHANGE Change affects businesses at all levels, from giant multinational corporations to public service providers, from small manufacturers to government agencies. All of these organisations must, to a greater or lesser degree, react to change. A corporate identity is an expression - visual, but also attitudinal - of a company’s character. In an unchanging world, a corporate identity would be a constant thing, passed on from year to year without modification or renewal. In the rapidly evolving world of business, a corporate identity, although a symbol of constancy and reassurance, must also change from time to time.

« SOUTH AFRICAN AIRWAYS The development of the new South African Airways identity was one of the most significant milestones in the 63 years of its existence. It enabled the company to more effectively compete in the international market place as a world-class airline. Design Unit developed extensive corporate identity design control systems including aircraft markings, head office and domestic airport signage, corporate printed items and safety leaflets.

« AVIS, SHAFT SINKERS, FIFA L.O.C, FINANCIAL PLANNING INSTITUTE Established South African entities like the Local Organising Committee of the 2010 FIFA Soccer World Cup, Avis, Shaft Sinkers and others, required their existing logos to be applied to their diverse needs across their brands. Below are but just some of the successful projects that we executed.

« A1 GRAND PRIX SOUTH AFRICA The A1 Grand Prix Championship, was known as the ‘World Cup of Motorsport’ and took place annually around the world during the traditional international motorsport off-season. Design Unit designed the livery for the South African car as well as launch material.


« VARIOUS ANNUAL REPORTS More than any other publication produced by a corporation, the annual report must amplify all that is right with a company - its products, its people, its performance. For it is the annual report that speaks to actual and potential shareholders, who are the ‘owners’ of these companies.

« VARIOUS BROCHURES Brochures form an integral part of the traditional printed marketing collateral, despite the growing popularity of online marketing initiatives. A well-designed brochure is very much a collectible item, not only for its captivating visual effects, but for the loads of product-specific information featured in it. Brochures help capture the attention of potential customers, especially in the case of small and emerging businesses that are on a tight budget. Brochures can focus entirely on the business and its offerings, thereby getting the undivided attention of all potential customers who browse through them. The key, however, is to make the content both interesting and informative, supporting it with appropriate images and including a call to action.

« PREMIER SOCCER LEAGUE Design Units’ brief was to retain the Lion, which had become the icon of the soccer league, but to ‘africanise’ it and retain South African colors as well as emphasize the acronym ‘PSL’. Design Unit developed extensive corporate paraphernalia including Standards Manuals, head office signage, corporate printed items, annual reports and various advertising/ marketing material.

« ADVERTISING - VARIOUS Corporate and product advertising relies on powerful visual concepts and messages to set them apart from their competition. Consistency and repetition of style but with a changing message create ongoing interest and impact.


« NEWSLETTERS & CALENDARS Internal communication within a company or group of companies is vital for management to reach all levels of staff. A comprehensive newsletter enhances individual and group awareness of company culture and strengthens bonding and loyalty. One of the most powerful and consistent brand-building instruments is a well-conceived and designed calendar. You will get constant exposure for your brand throughout the year with either a wall or desk calendar.