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I studied Sustainable Interior Design at RMCAD. The entire process was online and it taught me a lot about persistence and humility. But after studying sustainable interior design I discovered a whole new world and now it has given my life purpose. Creating clean, efficient, and healthy environments for both people and animals makes me feel alive and well, giving my spirit its true definition.

Sioux Falls

AFAR: Abused Families + Animals Rescue

~Location: Frank Building, 8th & Railroad, Downtown Sioux Falls ~AFAR is domestic emergency housing developed for women, children, and their pets. Through the exploration of thoughtful design strategies, AFAR dignifies survivors’ needs by determining how to help them gain self-empowerment, safety and security, and reconnect them with friends, family, and the community. The ideas reflect a commitment to creating environments both welcoming and accessible, allowing all residents to rediscover themselves and rise from the ashes of their previous lives.

« Resident Kitchen + Dining The self-serve kitchen presents each resident with the ability to cook and clean for themselves and their children. While group activities and dinners are a part of the shelter's weekly events, being in charge of when and what they eat gives them some control back in their lives.

« Indoor Doggie Play Area This section is designated for the furry friends. South Dakota is subjected to some cold and bitter weather, limiting outdoor time for both pets and residents. By creating this indoor run-around space, animals are still able to run and jump and play. Separation is key to keeping the peace in doggie play area, so a small section is reserved for toy breeds.

« Outdoor Playground This space is designed to give children some empowerment, creating the ability to run and play freely, interacting with other children. This space is enclosed by a fence and lined with trees, but is easily seen from the community spaces of the facility. This space connects kids with nature through access to daylight, fresh air, and bright colors.

« Resident Kitchen + Dining Bright, cheery colors were used to represent the concept. Rising like a Phoenix from the ashes and starting a new life can only go hand-in-hand with light, airy colors that bring your eyes up towards the heavens. Tons of natural light can flood in all year round, creating a connection to nature and bringing some biophilic elements indoors.

« Garden Access to nature promotes well-being. Outdoor space offers opportunities for reflection, connection with children, privacy and healthy activity. Nature, including the feeling of sunshine and access to views of trees and wildlife, can provide healing effects on those recovering from trauma. Gardens can offer solace. Healing gardens can facilitate art therapy sessions, exterior group work sessions, and the option to garden. Gardens also offer a point of connection with other community programs, such as those aimed at environmental education. At the same time the garden wall can create a protected outdoor play space for children.

« Indoor Play Area Playing and having fun is what kids should do; therefore making spaces as fun and adaptable as possible increases their growth as people. Being with other children creates well-rounded individuals when they are older, while playing with toys and reading books gives the children a sense of worth and makes them happier and healthier.

« Outdoor Running Providing a space for both pets and humans creates strong bonds between the residents and their animals. Giving the animals their own space to run and play while in the safety of the fence gives them the freedom they may have been denied. Exercise and a connection to nature gives both the residents and their pets a better chance of healing and becoming stronger and more confident on their road to recovery.

« Indoor Doggie Kitchen By providing an indoor kitchen adjacent to the doggie boarding rooms, the residents have full control over when they feed their pets, when their pets are walked/played with, and when their pets go to sleep. This liberation creates a bond between resident and animal, giving them control that they may not have had before.

« Indoor Doggie Boarding By providing separate sleeping chambers for the furry friends, the animals can feel secure and safe. Each room is separate and blocks all vision of other dogs, which gives them a sense of privacy and eliminates any anxiety for each animal. Subtle music playing overhead has proven to calm the animals as they adjust to their temporary homes.

SGS Facility

The main entrance of the facility, rendering made by Lumion.


« Concordance Entrance 'Impression Wall' Rendering Rendering of proposed 'Impression Wall.'

« Main Entrance/Recpetion Area The bold colors highlight the 'Impression Wall,' creating continuity throughout.

« Accent Walls The accent walls broke up an otherwise long and drab office space. This was achieved bumping out with drywall and adding laminate flooring with Schluter Strips to give it a little depth.

« Concordance Main Entrance 'Impression Wall' The clients were looking for a 'wow-factor' when a customer or client walked into their new facility. This was achieved by adding Dune panels from Modular Arts. The sign was created by a local company that specializes in wall and neon signs.

« 'Impression Wall' An angled view of the 'Impression Wall' to show it's depth and texture.

« Reception Desk A look at the reception desk straight on.

« Office Space The office space with work mods moved in.

First Bank & Trust and Coffea

Located in the Dawley Farms development in northeastern Sioux Falls, SD, First Bank & Trust banned together with Coffea Rotisserie, a local favorite now starring in its third location. Together they combine the smooth sleekness of modern forms with the relaxed energy of wood-tones to create a warm, hip, and inviting atmosphere.