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Look Up/ Look Down/ Look Close

« Stuck on You This image is looking up at the bottom of a lock that has gum on it. The purpose is to look at life or aspects in a new perspective. You don't usually look up at a lock so this gives interest to the image.

« Book Worm This image is looking down on a row of books. We don't usually look down on a book shelf, so this gives us a new perspective.

« Held Together This image is of a button holding a sleeve together. This is a close up image of a jacket. This teaches us to get close and discover new ways to view things in our everyday lives.

Light Graffiti/ Compostiton

« Time Warp This image is a representation of light graffiti. The image was created using light bulbs on a string, they were twirled to create this effect.

« Lost This image shows framing. In the image the girl is centered and framed by the lockers on either side of her. She is lit up by the window ahead of her. The line on the upper part of the image leads us to her head.

Elements and Principles/Pan and Freeze

« Fallen This image shows a freeze shot because it catches the kicked leaves in mid air. The leaves give unity to the image while also giving variety in their colours.

« Racer This shows a pan shot because the car is moving while in focus but the background is blurred creating movement.

« Jellies This image demonstrates the use of space. The jelly fish are surrounded by negative space ensuring focus on them. this was taken at the Ripley's Aquarium of Canada in Toronto.

« Autumn shine This shows unity in the leaves because they are different but still the same to make them unified.


« New World This image is of a Landscape up north in the Kawartha Lake area as the leaves begin to change. I feel this image is balanced because the colours at the bottom are balanced by the solid colour at the top.

« seaside library This image uses a bigger lens opening which allows only the main subject to be in focus. This adds importance to the subject of focus.