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Junior - Industrial Design - Graphic Design - Auburn University : My love for design is in its purest form, is a love for communication. Being able to take a statement, vision, or story from inside of your head, and display it to the world is one of the most beautiful things that I can come up with. It is truly a gift. This train of thought is mostly derived from this idea that self-expression is vitally important to each persons identity. Identity separates the mundane from the unique, and it is almost always my goal to make my current project, whatever medium it may be, unique.

Atlanta, GA

Inside > Out : Blender

While some design challenges create opportunities to apply externally-inspired form to an object, other projects fix a specification as the starting point from which to begin design. The goal of this project is to learn how to design using a set of fixed internal components while striving to improve the product and provide new benefits to the user. Assignment: Students will be given a product sample to tear-down and analyze its construction. After measuring and drawing full-scale components in the computer, students will develop new design concepts through physical demonstration models.