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British Grit Jack Russell Terriers


Jack Russell Terrier Puppies are cute and adorable, easy to place, but can quickly become a handful. Jack Russell’s vary greatly in size, coat, and personality. They have a varied background and vary within the standard. We imported Puggy in 2005 from Brian Male’s kennel in England. He has an awesome smooth tri-colored coat and stands 14 inches tall. Puggy has a very sweet disposition and makes beautiful puppies. Before you purchase a Jack Russell puppy, you should do your research to see if a Jack Russell will be compatible with your environment. We breed a limited number of Jack Russell Terrier litters & place puppies in approved home environments. Our main concern is that puppies and owners are well matched for each other.

Hi All, I am a great lover of animals. I observe animals in terms of what they do, what they like what they don't. Through this platform, I want to showcase my photography skills which enable you to think about animals once again. Treat them well & you will get more affection in return.

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Jack Russell Terriers For Sale

Jack Russell Terriers are mutts that have been reproduced to chase. They are ready and happy with heaps of vitality. Jack Russell Terriers are occupied pooches who are continually investigating their environment, likely searching for their next quarry. Knowing somewhat about the breed will help you choose in the event that it's ideal for you and your family.