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Brand, Marketing, Design and Decor

I graduated with a BFA in Illustration. Over the last 6+ years I have discovered new ways to tell a story. I have learned to let the space be my canvas and create environments that are brand specific and let your narrative be your environment. Be it through graphic design, photography, or illustration I can incorporate any of these elements into your business to not only tell your story to your clients but to also make them feel good about their decision to do business with you. I am a perfectionist and have a proven history of client satisfaction. I will never rest until both you and your clients are satisfied!


MedSource Designs

MedSource is a fast growing medical device company. Set to become a major player in the industry, I was hired to create and implement a fresh new look and feel to all aspects of the company. Serving as the Graphic Designer, Marketer and all around Creative, I was in charge of the company's Brand Identity, New Packaging for the Premier Products, Advertisements, Brochure Creation, Sales Sheets and Trade Show displays. If that weren't enough, I was also tasked with a complete website overhaul. In the end, we decided to get fresh and funky with their new brand image. We went with bold bright colors as well as a category system for the eight product lines they offer. We have had a lot of great feedback since the changes have been made and saw sales growth of 12%!

« Sharps Dart Magazine Ad The MedSource Sharps Dart product was launched in 2015.. Filling a hole in the industry vacated by a lesser product, we needed to send the word out worldwide, that this product was available again and now better than ever. This advertisement was placed in the September, October and November 2015 Issues of the Journal of Emergency Services (JEMS Magazine). After studying the magazine we settled on the bright blues and reds to make the advertisement pop off of the page.

« ClearSafe Package Design One of my first projects for MedSource was the ClearSafe Safety I.V. Catheter Design. This was my first adventure into packaging graphics and I think I did well for a newbie! While I was constricted into some of the design parameters set up by my predecessor, i.e. font choice, I knew that I wanted to do something never seen in the I.V. industry. I wanted to do a truly designed package - not just a "labeled packaging". This was our opportunity to feature the new badge icons that had been created, featuring the IV badge which served the purpose for the color coding for catheter size. The blister pack for the device was well thought out and played out for clarity, while keeping the color coding in mind. The response for this product was overwhelming for MedSource and led us their first contract with a major hospital system - the design of the packaging playing a major factor in the decision of the customer.

« TrueSafe Safety I.V. Catheter Slim Jim Advertisement MedSource partnered up with Henry Schein Medical and placed a series of advertisements in their mailers highlighting the TrueSafe Comfort safety I.V. Catheter. I directed the photo shoot to highlight the device in a way that can emphasize the product features as well as lay out in an "outside the box" way from our competitors. The highly designed approach to our marketing of these items puts MedSource ahead of most of our competitors, who generally use a "information only" approach to the marketing of their items and it is starting to pay off with multiple contracts for this product - totaling well over a million dollars.

« TrueSafe Safety I.V. Catheter packaging After the success of the ClearSafe Catheter, the TrueSafe Catheter packaging had to be true to the brand, but different enough so that caregivers can decipher the TrueSafe from the ClearSafe at a glance. Giving up some white space, I went with a Hex pattern that the I.V. badge neatly fits into. I also went with a solid color side for size identification. Unfortunately, I had to compromise with the printer on this one and leave the white space up top for manufacturer information but I think the desired effect was still achieved. MedSource is currently working on a contract of place this device in the Mercy hospital system (same as its predecessor).

« Biomedix Selec-3 Sell Sheet When MedSource bought Biomedix, I was challenged with updating the marketing materials that hadn't been touched since the late 1990's. There slick was badly in need of attention! The dated material featured poor typesetting, dated color choices and photos as well as a dated message. For this sell sheet, I used the photos they had taken freshened them up with some cropping. The layout features the popular grid design and there was even some photoshopping to change the name of the product from Biomedix, Inc to Biomedix, WAI (the new name under the MedSource umbrella).

« Life Assist Catalog Advertisement MedSource serves a wide variety of customers with an even wider variety of medical supplies and devices. When we have a client that sees items that are only linked by their medical nature, it can be a design challenge to make a catalog advertisement work. I devised a category system for all of MedSources items, breaking them down into 8 categories of business and designed an iconic badge to correspond with each category. Using these badges makes it easier for myself to design an advertisement, like the one pictured here, and find a way to tied the piece together and making it work visually.

« Biomedix Brochure Layout I When MedSource bought Biomedix, I was challenged with updating the marketing materials that hadn't been touched since the late 1990's. The Brochure pictured is currently in production but showcases my skill to take a bad situation and make it wonderful. The EMS client is a strong and tough client. I wanted to pursue this as much as possible by using bold font, high-contrast, de-sauturated photos and schematic drawings.

« Biomedix Brochure Layout II Inside the Brochure, I used the existing photos and layed them out in a bold fashion, cropped them and used color overlays to take them out of the 1990's and into the current design market. Again, the use of product schematics speaks to the EMS client base, is visually appealing as well as extremely informative.

« Patient Mover Sell Sheet One of the 150+ Sell Sheets I created for MedSource. The photo was from a shoot I directed for MedSource to illustrate the proper use of the product and layer it out in with a clean and modern aesthetic, appealing to hospital vendors. This sell sheet was instrumental in a contract MedSource landed with Bound Tree Medical for private branding of this device for $500,000/year!

« Synchronis ClearSafe Instructional Poster 18" x 24" MedSource partnered up with Synchronis Medical to release the ClearSafe Comfort Safety I.V. Catheter into the Mercy hospital system under their private brand name Regard.. They requested an instructional poster detailing how to properly use the ClearSafe Comfort® Safety I.V. Catheter. For this project, I illustrated the catheter in the different stages of use and accompanied it with our approved verbiage from our Quality department. The layout was created in accordance with the strict style guide that Synchronis Medical (Regard) provided for my reference. In addition to the training poster, I directed an animate piece featuring the MedSource ClearSafe Comfort. The video is in production, but a sample video is available upon request.

« 2017 Catalog Advertisement for EMP Medical Full Page advertisement in the EMP Catalog. I was not only the designer of this piece, but the photographer as well.

« Stair Chair Sell Sheet