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Brand, Marketing, Design and Decor

I graduated with a BFA in Illustration. Over the last 6+ years I have discovered new ways to tell a story. I have learned to let the space be my canvas and create environments that are brand specific and let your narrative be your environment. Be it through graphic design, photography, or illustration I can incorporate any of these elements into your business to not only tell your story to your clients but to also make them feel good about their decision to do business with you. I am a perfectionist and have a proven history of client satisfaction. I will never rest until both you and your clients are satisfied!


Dave's Store Signage

New signage options for emphasis on Bar and Alcohol sales. The project was to create a variety of options for our partners to choose from based on the demographic and location of each store

« Drink Local A modern view on the craft beer industry. Each state and city that has a resource for local brew will get a sign of their state with a star marking where the beer was made. Emphasizing that Famous Dave's is committed to bringing local products to the community.

« Bold Beer A design that latches onto a few new trends of 2014. Craft Brew and Hand Drawn. This design was created to be a large bar centerpiece of an urban location with a commitment to serving the best of the local brews. The design has been set up that the colors can be customized for maximum design flow.

« SmokeHouse Beer Garden A Sign that fits well into both dining and bar areas. Speaks to the authenticity of both barbecue process as well as beer selections.

Famous Dave's Decor Planning

MedSource Designs

MedSource is a fast growing medical device company. Set to become a major player in the industry, I was hired to create and implement a fresh new look and feel to all aspects of the company. Serving as the Graphic Designer, Marketer and all around Creative, I was in charge of the company's Brand Identity, New Packaging for the Premier Products, Advertisements, Brochure Creation, Sales Sheets and Trade Show displays. If that weren't enough, I was also tasked with a complete website overhaul. In the end, we decided to get fresh and funky with their new brand image. We went with bold bright colors as well as a category system for the eight product lines they offer. We have had a lot of great feedback since the changes have been made and saw sales growth of 12%!

« Sharps Dart Magazine Ad The MedSource Sharps Dart product was launched in 2015.. Filling a hole in the industry vacated by a lesser product, we needed to send the word out worldwide, that this product was available again and now better than ever. This advertisement was placed in the September, October and November 2015 Issues of the Journal of Emergency Services (JEMS Magazine). After studying the magazine we settled on the bright blues and reds to make the advertisement pop off of the page.

« ClearSafe Tri-Fold Brochure Support piece for the ClearSafe Safety IV Catheter product launch. The Trifold was an untraditional size and an asymmetrical fold, adding extra interest to the piece. The graphics inside were big and bold to hold the interest and provided "At-A-Glance" information for busy professionals

« 1 Page Catalog Advertisement, EMP Catalog EMP catalog is one of the leading sources of sales to hospitals, clinics, fire houses and emergency rooms. This ad was designed to to be a welcome break in an otherwise large catalog of clutter. Whereas other advertisers crammed as many offerings into a space as possible, I aimed to have a higher design aesthetic, using pops of color and larger graphics, so that the reader might stop to look and consider MedSources product line. This is where the ClearSafe Safety I.V. Catheter made its initial appearance to the public.

« TrueSafe Safety I.V. Catheter packaging After much success as it's predecessor, the TrueSafe Catheter packaging had to be true to the brand, but different enough so that caregivers can decipher the TrueSafe from the ClearSafe at a glance. Giving up some white space, I went with a Hex pattern that the I.V. badge neatly fits into. I also went with a solid color side for size identification. Unfortunately, I had to compromise with the printer on this one and leave the white space up top for manufacturer information but I think the desired effect was still achieved.

« Henry Schein Monthly Sales Flyer: TrueSafe Comfort full page advertisement Another advertisement for Henry Schein Medical. For the October Breast Cancer awareness, pink medical devices were the focus of the issue. We swapped out our 22g catheter for the 20g and received the opportunity to upgrade our ad to full page at no cost.

« Henry Schein Monthly Sales Flyer: TrueSafe Comfort half page advertisement Henry Schein is one of the leader in Medical Device Sales. As one of MedSources partners, we were given the opportunity to place a half page advertisement for our new safety I.V. Catheter. The add ran in September 2015.

« Gear Bag catalog cover With our eight categories of business finalized, we set out to produce a catalog for each category. This is the cover for the gear bag catalog, incorporating all of the category badge colors but featuring a small icon of the gear bag badge, tastefully placed at the bottom. I went with a simple design with a lot of white space to keep the catalog clean and clinical.

« Package Design for the ClearSafe Comfort Safety I.V. Catheter While most of MedSource's direct competitors leave design out of the equation with their packaging, we went the opposite way. We made the box clean and fresh looking with our I.V. badge icon front and center. The blister packaging on the Inner Case Level, is also thought out, with enough color to identify the size the caregiver needs. Their previous packaging had information crammed onto it in non-sensical haphazard fashion. I paired information down, set the type in a neat and clean organized fashion and left plenty of white space to keep the eye from being overwhelmed.

« O2 Regulator Packaging MedSource Oxygen Regulators are a best seller for them. The previous packaging was a simple cardboard box with a white label. I designed a new printed design for the packaging. Using the Respiratory and Airway badge and color, we settled on this design featuring a photo of the item on the top of the box, solid green sides with a reverse color badge and hex transparency.


Drawings I do of peoples dogs.

« Wilbur Bean English Mastiff

« Max Max, the sweet elderly, white faced, pug.

« Gus Doberman Pinscher

« Bunny Black Lab Mix

« Izzy and Fletcher Collie Mix and Chihuahua

« Lola and Lilly A couple of Shih Tzu's

« Rocky and Jasmine German Shepherd and Miniature Schnauzer