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Abbie Jayne Copeland


19 year old Foundation & Textiles student studying Foundation Art at Durham Sixth Form Centre. As a way of putting my work out to be seen I keep a WordPress blog. My current foundation blog is


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« Structure To make my final piece, I prepped my material by taping 1 meter of white poly-cotton onto a wall that I had uses earlier in this project, then using the graphite did my surface rubbings. Then to set the graphite I used hairspray to stop the residue coming off. As the time scale on the project was so short I did not have time to draft a bodice pattern for this garment. So instead I had to moulage the bodice (lie the material onto a dress makers dummy & pin and cut it into the shape I needed). After i new where my seams had to go I then put in: darts, top seam, zip,bias binding on the neck ans the side seam on the left hand side.

« Life Drawing | Non-Drawing Hand, Graphite To develop my non-drawing hand sketches I took them into Photoshop and I added a pink hue to the sketches to emphasize the femininity.

« What Do You See? | Video Piece As part of my final video for my Pathway Part B,I deiced that I was going to do a series of video pieces consisting of people answering questions on the ink blots that I have made. This piece was more of an experimentation to see if what people see within the ink.

« Life Drawing | Non-Drawing Hand, Graphite