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Warth Art



I'm Bettina Warth and I've received my Bachelor of Arts at the HKDM (University of Arts Design and Music) in Freiburg, Germany. I'm highly interested in Illustration, Concept Art and Character Design. I like to paint digital, as much as drawings with pen and paper.


Carrie Carrot

Character Design of a little Biker Brat, settled in a kind of post apocalyptic/dystopic world

« "Lolo" Her beloved dog, that she wears anytime as a tattoo on her sleeve.

« Carrie Carrot "I\'m a Fu**in Biker Brat!"


Some of my Landscape and Environment Work.

« Skyland Work for a Project named "digital zoo". Imagine a futuristic setting, with birds rule over humans. They are living on flying islands.

« The Main Tree The place where the major birds live. Somewhere hidden in the depth of the Island.

« The lost World Actually the setting gives place in a kind of dystopian future. A long time ago the islands were the place where the humans rule. Now the nature rules.

« Elysium Heights Thats a part of my Bachelor Work. I've illustrated a concept for the novel Zoo City (Lauren Beukes). That's my version of the criminal slum "Elysium Heights" where the main character lives.

« Home of the Zinzi Work of "The Art Of Zoo City" also. This is the home of the main figure. A small room, a mattress. No more than a place to flee.

« Streets of Joburg From my work "The Art Of Zoo City". A concept for Johannesburg City. Criminalism besides childish innocence, streetgangs and vandalism.

Dragon Attacks

« Dragon Attacks Splitpanel and some dragon action. The squire is not happy in his position.

Zinzi December

Working on my Bachelor. Visualized the Novel from Lauren Beukes "Zoo City". Here's my version of Zinzi December.

« Expressions