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After 30 years in the Broadcast industry I finally picked up a DSLR Camera instead of a Video Camera and have been rediscovery my love of photography ever since. This portfolio is only a sampling of the images I have captured recently. The adventure continues...

British Columbia, Canada

The Salton Sea

Located just outside Palm Springs California, this lost oasis has an incredible history. I have to admit, this was one of the most intriguing places I've visited.

« Salton Sea Bird Sanctuary I was amazed just how many birds still visit the Salton Sea. It looks and smells like a toxic environment.

« Abandomed Lots

« Graffiti Message If ever there was a fitting Graffiti message this was it. There were a few eye catchers for sure but this was the one that stood out for me.

« The Sights and Smells of the Salton Sea There's no denying that the Salton Sea smells but in this particular shot there was a smell of something rotten nearby that I have never smelled before. I'm not sure what death smells like but I think I have a good idea now. I looked around a bit but refused to look under anything for fear of finding some corpse...animal or other.

« Salton Sea Golf Course I'm pretty sure a round has not been played here in decades.


Various pics from the Abbotsford Airshow

« Timing is Everything Picture says it all. You can try to frame all you want but now and then it's timing that will dictate the impact of your shot.

« Snowbirds You don't have to be a former Base Brat to appreciate the Snowbirds but it sure helps.

« Peaking Bi-Plane One lesson I had to learn the hard way was that Airshow Smoke and Autofocus do not go hand in hand. I hate to think of the shots that got away from me before I learned that lesson.

« Jet Powered Bi-Plane This was such a crazy sight and sound at the airshow. Prop sounds coming down, jet engine for climbing.

The Oregon Coast

Amazing scenery at every turn. Bucket List trip completed but more rounds in the future for sure.

Some Favs

These are a few of my favourite just sang that like Julie Andrews didn't you.

« Net Presence For some reason this is one of my favourite shots. There is literally nothing happening hear yet it still says something...or maybe it's just me.

« Sunset Magic Every now and then you literally stumble across a great photo op. We were driving to another location to try and shoot the Blood Moon when I saw this scene. I told my buddy to stop and back up and I jumped out and snapped this. These are the photos that make photography so much fun. You work with what is given to you and you get rewarded from time to time.