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Tolentino+Marañon Design Studio


Details are the very source of expression in Architecture, However, people are caught in a vice between Art and Bottomline.

30 years of Working experience encompassing the following relevant areas.... - Architecture, - Civil & Structural - Mechanical - Interior Design Employed with Jaya International Design based in Singapore from 2010 to 2015 doing Hospitality Interior Design and Management all around Asia. Notable Projects includes Park Hyatt in Changbaishan Jilin Prov. China, Ritz Carlton Hotel in Beijing and Shanghai, Kamala Beach Resort known as Phuket Sands in Phuket Thailand. Prior to JID, I was employed with HBO+EMTB from 2009 to 2010 as Cad Designer for Corporate Office interiors, involved with the design of DBS Main Office In Changi Business Park, Singapore.

Bacolod City

Park Hyatt Changbaishan

A 150+ Room Hotel in the snowy region of Jilin Province, Fusong County. The hotel with complete amenities offered a unique feel at home experience where everyone have the chance to walk in a colonial type of architecture but with an Asian Interiors designed by a well known pillar in Hospitality industry. Jaya and his team created the design while coordinating with the construction department. Jayas idea of symmetrical-ism is projected on this Hotel mentaining the balance of energy and the flow of chi as well. The reception is not visible on the entrance thus creating the perception that guest are entering his own private homes.

« Public Area Waiting Area and All Day Dining Area

« Suite Desk and Living Room / Pantry / Bedroom

« Interior Structure The Main Building / Main Entry Point / Entry Lobby

« Amenities Hot Spring Pool / Lap Pool / Lounge Chairs

« Timber Spiral Staircase Presidential Suite Access to upper level.

Various Asian Projects

Hospitality Projects in South East Asia, Jayas Design spread his idea all around asia, bringing the warmth atmosphere of Balinese design. his simple yet sophisticated choices of furniture and accessories creates an awesome feel of home.

« Atrium Apartment Yangon, Myanmar

« Shanghai Restaurant, Shanghai China

« Phuket Sands Kamala Phuket Thailand

« Kenting Hotel, Kenting Taiwan

« Xian Brilliant Spa Hotel - Xian China

« Fantasia Hotel

« Shangrila Yangon

« Rosewood Vietnam


BOT ( Built Operate Transfer ) is getting big in the Philippines, Investors prefer simple structure that could last atleast until their leasing agreement. This projects are built on schedule, lasting for at least 6 months construction period.

« PAX Hospitality - Pax Catholic School La Carlota City Conversion of Classroom / office space into 2 floor Hotel Project.

« JLEE Superstore La Carlota City

« Blyzer Superstore Mabinay Mabinay, Negros Oriental Philippines

« Blyzer Superstore Murcia Murcia Negros Occidental Philippines

« JLee Branch La Carlota City

Architectural / Landscape

Among my projects are Inland resort , It is a challenging job, the idea is not just to design but to think of the peoples interest. activities and watery ways of indulging them to enjoy the place. The Philippines is a tropical country, nothing can beat the cold splash during the heat of summer.

« Little Jungle Resort Cadiz City Cadiz City Negros Occidental

« Villa De Vianzon Inland Resort Bataan Events / Multi Function / Resorts - Hermosa Bataan Philippines

« Villa De Vianzon Inland Resort Bataan Man made Lagoon