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Ventspils, Latvia

Life Tree

The thought of life composed as a tree, where the ancestors come from the roots. And this life tree wraps around all of us, so the roots are around the Earth. But we are killing the Earth, thats why the tree is dead, but the heart made out of branches represents hope for humanity. Drawed on A1 paper format.

Audi A7

Audi A7, in my opinion, is pure perfection as a car. I tried to put it on paper, so i can keep it forever on my wall. This drawing is A2 paper format.

Physicaly Mental Pain

Drawing emotions is one of the key points for a viewer to feel the artist. Feel the pain i was into when i made these two small art works

Imaginary Land of pen stripes

Sometimes people get lost in the world of imagination, which happened to me when i made this.