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An experienced graphic designer with a strong interest in projects that require both conceptual and analytical thinking. Fully-committed to designing and optimise the creatives that users will love. Always eager to learn more tricks from anyone - regardless of the industry they\'re working in.

Kuala Lumpur

Landing Pages

This microsite are to promote their projects (events/ Promo/ Edu Open Day), tell the audience what is the price of the promo/events, features/ benefits, and location. To drive higher conversions and generate quality leads. **Mobile Responsive microsite**

Website Revamp

I am here to help client's page to make it more SEO-Friendly, remove duplicate pages, faster page load, and make it mobile responsive.

« Homepage My idea was to make the homepage as simple as possible, because homepage is supposed to send out a clear message, bring the audience to the right page, and make everything easily- to-seen by the audience.

« About Us This page is about the history of Cuckoo including when it was established and more information.

« Contact Us Form is placed on the top of the landing page instead of the bottom to capture people\'s attention in submitting their information right when the land on the page, if they are not interested in finding out more information.

« Learning Centre Categorized different product of learnings stage for audience simply know which one to go.

« Product Page Products are categorized based on their categories to avoid confusion to the audience and so that the page does not look cramped.