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The Extension Queen


I am the Extension Queen....Literally #LasVegasStylist

I am a hairstylist here in Las Vegas. I am 21 years old and from the Mid-West. I have been doing hair for over 4 years. I love learning new techniques and introduce them to everyone! I am also a designer. I graphic design and fashion design in my spare time. Im also IT certified. I love giving women a way for them to be truly happy with themselves. to feel beautiful is everything, and i believe thats what i give to my clients. i love what i do with a passion. Thanks for watching/supporting me on my journey! DISCLAIMER: ALL PICTURES DO NOT BELONG TO ME. SOME ARE PICTURES FROM INSPIRATIONAL STYLIST AND I HAVE USED THEIR PICTURES WITH FULL PERMISSION TO SHOW MY STYLES ON DIFFERENT HAIR COLOR AND TEXTURE, HOWEVER ALL OF THESE STYLES CAN BE EXECUTED ACCORDINGLY.



Microlink individual Beaded weft Clip ins Tape ins Vixen Crochet

« Beaded weft, medium hair. blonde body wave Beaded weft, medium hair. blonde body wave. this install is $80 until January 31,2017 then it will be back to its' normal price of $120. Beaded weft last 4 to 6 months with maintenance.

« Color & vixen microlinks Custom color & Vixen individual micro links. Vixen microlinks $160 <getting 2 services done> and coloring $40

« Vixen micro link and straightening Vixen micro links on relaxed african american hair. install can last 6 to 8 months with proper care. style cost $180 <booked with no deals>

« Brazilian Blow Out Brazilian Blow out and vixen microlink install Brazilian blow out = $120 Microlink install =$140

« Microlinks and thin hair Individual micro links on blonde fine hair. install $120 NYE sale

« Microlinks and natural hair individual micro links on relaxed african american hair. install = $140

« PonyTail Invisible pony tail invisable ponytails are only $30 untill January 31, 2017 ($5 off) All you need is washed and dried hair, please be relaxed or straight, 1 pack of weave, the cheaper kind, not virgin bundles but the $10-$15 a pack hair. (8 to 10 inch as i can make the pony as long as i want dont worry!) and 1 pack braiding hair. and a bottle of hair bonding glue.

« Microlinks♥ Microlinks . most natural and versatile ♥

« Half up half down install microlinks. half up half down install

« vixen vixen microlinks (4 way install) install =$180 (booked with no deals)

« ponytail invisible ponytail. only $30 from now until january 31, 2017

« microlink custom colored custom colored, microlink install. custom color $60 (used 3 colors) install $100 {partial}


Cochet styles are ideal for the natural woman!, kids, or someone who just wants protection to their hair and dont feel like styling it often.

Custom Coloring/ Hair Painting


Learning new techniques every day. braiding is not my favorite but I enjoy making my clients happy.