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Entreprenuer who loves PR and everything that has to do with digital marketing and digital experience. I am the PR Manager at GodEl and I was the PR Manager for GodDryck for a year. I also do PR and marketing consulting through my company Unkle PR. Between 2010 and 2012 I founded, managed and finally sold my company, Wild Goats, in Singapore. Wild Goats was an event company focusing on interactive team building using smart phones and apps. Today Wild Goats is today part of JamBar team building.


GodEl and Way Out West

I was the initiator, negotiator and project manager of the collaboration with Way Out West for GodEl and GodDryck.

« Way Out West - Powered by GodEl In 2016 GodEl and Way Out West entered into a partnership where GodEl would supply electricity to the festival. We had a station at the festival where people could charge their phones for free. We also sold 200 tickets at a reduced price to people who became a customer to GodEl, which was a big success. We also gave a away free tickets to our loyal customers through different competitions from January to August.

« GodEl and House of Dagmar at Way Out West To drive sales conversions at Way Out West, we offered new customers a custom made tote bag designed by House of Dagmar. I came up with the idea, contacted House of Dagmar and made it happen.

« GodEl - Information at our Station at Way Out West

« GodEl at Way Out West Together with Edge Design we created a station where people could charge their phones for free and at the same time get information about GodEl.

« GodDryck at Way OuT West GodDryck had a tent in the middle of the festival where you could buy non alcoholic beverages. All the profit was given to charity.

« GodDryck - The official bottle for Way Out West 2016 I managed to get space and permission for GodDryck to serve non alcoholic beverages at Way Out West in 2015 and 2016. The bar that was created was called BAR FÖR ALLA. In 2016 when Way Out West decided to focus on non alcoholic beverages GodDrycks bottle Goda Bubblor became the official bottle and was sold at over 300 systembolag around the country.

GodEl and Stockholm Music & Arts

I was the initiator, negotiator and project manager for the collaboration with GodEl and Stockholm Music & Arts.

« The Collaboration The collaboration between GodEl and Stockholm Music and Arts consisted of us having an activation at the festival, offering tickets at reduced price to the festival if you chose GodEl as your electricity supplier.

« Our activation at Stockholm Music & Arts Together with EdgeDesign we created an activation where you could charge your phone for free.

« Offer at Stockholm Music and Arts I also took the initiative to create a collaboration with Camino Magasin. At Stockholm Music and Arts we offered a free subscription for a whole year if you decided to have GodEl as your electricity supplier.

Wild Goats

I founded and managed the event company Wild Goats in Singapore. We focused on creating interactive team building games using smart phones and a tailor made app. Here are a few photos from all our events. Our clients were Singapore Government, Barclays, Pepsi, Swatch Group, P&G and many more.

« The company I founded Wild Goats in Singapore 2010. Wild Goats offered team building games using Smart Phones and a tailor made app. The game was very interactive and the participants had to solve 100 different kinds of tasks in under 90 minutes. During the game they received continuous updates about the scores and which team was in the lead. People who played it often said it reminded them of The Amazing Race and the movie The Game.

« Clients My clients consisted of The Singapore Government ( The health Promotion Board, Singapore Sport Council and Polytechnic Singapore), Barclays ( both Singapore and Hong Kong branches), Pepsi, Swatch Group, Procter and Gamble and many more. The biggest event was for 800 people. The company is still around but has been merged with a company called JamBar.

« The Game

GodDryck and House of Dagmar

I took the initiativ for GodDryck to work with House of Dagmar. GodDryck and House of Dagmar had a collaboration where they designed a bottle for us (limited edition of course) and where we sponsored them at Stockholm Fashion Week.

« GodDryck sponsored House of Dagmar at Stockholm Fashion Week I came up with the idea and negotiated for GodDryck to be a main sponsors (together with L´Oreal) for House of Dagmar at Stockholm Fashion Week in February 2016. House of Dagmar made a statement and decided to only offer non alcoholic sparkling wine to their guests. House of Dagmar collection was recognised as the best collection at Stockholm Fashion Week 2016.

« The bottle To make GodDryck to stand out from other non alcoholic sparkling wines, I was playing with the idea of having a fashion company design a unique bottle just for us. After talking to House of Dagmar, it became clear that we shared the same values and we decided to work together. They designed a bottle for New Years Eve and we sponsored their fashion show during Stockholm Fashion Week. The profit made from the House of Dagmar designed bottle was given to Hand in Hand, a charity organization that helps women entrepreneurs to start their own business.