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If you like water, you already like 72% of me.

A city on Earth

Light Graffiti

« Angel of light This photo was created using a phone flashlight which made shapes around the girl in bulb mode and finished with wings and a halo around her.

« Light spring This photo was taken using fairy lights which were spun in a circle horizontally in bulb mode which left this in the end.

« Pinwheel This photo shows light graffiti because using bulb mode, the shutter was opened until the photographer closed it and the girl twirled fairy lights around leaving the photographer with this photo.

Depth of Field

« Library seaside This picture shows depth of field with the blurred background and the sharp focus on the shell.

« Fall This photo shows depth of field because the leaf is in focus and the background is blurred giving the photo depth.


« Patriot pride This photo shows leading line because the pole (the line) leads towards the flag which draws your eyes toward it.

« Lone leaf This photo shows rule of thirds because the leaf is place in a visual hotspot.

« Maple leaf red This photo shows negative space because the red leaf is the main subject and focus of the photo. The dull and plain background emphasises the red leaf.

Paning and Freezing

« I believe I can fly This image shows freeze because the girl is frozen in the air and it appears as if she is flying, or frozen in the air.

« Sonic speed This picture shows panning by having the focus on the girl with a blurred background which makes it look like there is speed while she is running even though it's a photo.