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Master's student at Stony Brook University and a believer in making people's lives easier and better by combining Engineering principles and CAD to develop new/modify existing products which are functionally, ergonomically and aesthetically superior.

Rotary Evaporator

A solvent seperation device used in chemical laboratories.

« C Column Backbone of the Rotary evaporator.Every component is either mounted or placed on the C column. Has a hollow but stiff structure to hold the components and also conceal all the wiring of the electronic components to give the overall setup and aesthetic appeal.All connections are accessible through the back of this column.

« Bump Trap Clip A custom made, press-fit clip to hold the bump trap and the rotating flask together.

« Scissor lift A custom made scissor lift suitable with the load carrying requirements of the heat bath.Has depressions on the top surface which match the protrusions on the heat bath which ensures perfect positioning every time.A pleated fabric mechanism is used to cover the arms and interior parts of the scissor lift in order to protect it from any oil,chemical or liquid spill.

« Chiller Table A table to contain the chilling water unit for the condenser cooling water.

« Metal clip A metal clip to hold the collection flask and the condenser lip together so as to ensure spill proof collection of the condensed liquid.

« Plug A specially designed plug to ensure quick connect and disconnect from the C column.Used to firmly hold the glass casing of the C column in place.

« Drive Mount A part of the C column used to hold the worm and worm gear drive assembly in place.A pinhole is provided for fixing the angular position of the drive assembly.The 3 blue protrusions denote the position of the drive assembly at 30,45 and 60 degrees respectively from the positive X direction.

« Drive Assembly A compact housing for the worm and worm gear arrangement including bearings,motor,vacuum seals and an adjustable ring for tightening the grip on the condenser inlet.

Suspension Design

Design and Fabrication of a Suspension system for a Formula 1 type car as a member of SUPRA SAEINDIA team of the college

« Front Pushrod, Wishbone and Wheel assembly

« Front view of Front and Rear suspension assemblies

« Rear Pushrod,Wishbone and Wheel assembly.

« LOTUS Simulation plot The suspension once designed, is simulated using LOTUS suspension analysis package to study the working and the parametric values of suspensions.

« Fabricated Pushrod Suspension (FRONT)

« Fabricated Pushrod Suspension (REAR)