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I find great interest in all facets of style and fashion. I began a resale vintage shop via Instagram in April of 2013; 27Hangers has since then redirected into custom designs. I taught myself to sew less than 3 years ago. I began with creating pleated midi skirts for myself and later finding platforms to showcase my talents to the public. As a self taught designer and seamstress with no technical training, I have learned to create fully functional garments for women of common and plus sizes, (as well as children and men secondarily). I have a keen eye for style and passion for continuously learning facets of fashion. My goal is to continue sewing techniques and the journey to product development, styling, sewing and creating overall ready-to-wear fashion.

Oakland, CA > New York, NY


Product Branding


Custom Toddler Skirts



F/W 2016

Vintage Inspired, Denim & Tapestry Collection

F/W 2016 Outerwear

Neoprene, Oversized Zipper, Bomber Jacket.