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Laxmonez's Portfolio Website
Paulo's Portfolio Website

Quezon City, Manila, Philippines

Paulo's Portfolio Website

Quezon City, Manila, Philippines

Hana's Portfolio Website
Rebecca's Portfolio Website

Born an artist, experienced in multiple mediums with a strong focus in design.

Iris's Portfolio Website

Wuppertal, Germany

Iris Luckhaus is a freelance illustrator, stylist and designer since 2000 (MoD, Fashion Class Vivienne Westwood, University of the Arts Berlin) and working for international clients. In reknown anthologies like Illustration Now!, Freistil or Illusive, she is repeatedly featured as "one of the world's best illustrators".

Olga's Portfolio Website


I am a first year student at Murcia School of Arts who is passionate in the field of Design. My main purpose when I finish my studies is to keep building my knowledge in the Design field, working for a company who trust in people's creativity and let them grow as a designers, because at the end of the day, design is all about creativity and creativity grows design by design. This portfolio shows some works I've done when I used to live and study in the UK plus other ones from Spain.

Samantha's Portfolio Website

Caracas, Venezuela.

Old school and neotraditional Tattoo artist. Venezuelan. Poet. Artist, 96'

Simon's Portfolio Website


I am a qualified Graphic Designer who graduated university in 2010 with a BA Hons in Graphic Media & Illustration. I also hold a BTEC National Diploma in Multimedia Design & A Levels in Photography. I have worked as a freelance designer and have gained experience in not only the design sector but also the printing industry. I can work efficiently to any given project and communicate with my clients well to produce a satisfactory end piece. I enjoy branding new company's as well as Re Branding, promoting new businesses with website creation and much more. Anything in media, I can create and have created! Just give me a call. Simon.

Daemon's Portfolio Website

Katrineholm - Sweden

I've been in the bodymod-industries since 2004. Started out as a piercingartist and then after several years of poking holes in people I began to fill them with colors.

Mikael's Portfolio Website


Hello! I am a Sweden based illustrator/artist/graphic designer. I love to create art, both digitally and by hand, as well as branding and graphic design. Thank you for stopping by, and don't hesitate to contact me if you need artistic help of some sort!

Cleiton's Portfolio Website

Belo Horizonte /MG

Ola galera este e um pouco do meu Portfólio ! Obrigado pela visita . Vlw até mais !

Tristan's Portfolio Website


Rik's Portfolio Website

England, North East

Photography portfolio of Rik Ellerby, whatever I want photography, see through my eyes. An ongoing project of subjects that the photographer finds interesting and is a document of his personal non commercial photography. Rik is an experienced photographer covering major genres of photography from fashion, wedding and fine art to corporate and commissions and everything in the middle. Rik retouches all of his own images using the latest Adobe Photoshop CC post processing software and photographs with a range of Cameras, Digital mirror less, DSLR Digital Single Lens Reflex cameras, and iPhone camera. Canon or Nikon??? Neither; Rik is a loyal disciple of Pentax favouring the better build quality, advanced technology offering value for money and added features not available with equivalent bodies from other brands. Rik believes Pentax offer far more bang for his buck and all models punch far above their weight. Rik currently shoots with a Pentax Q10, Pentax K30 and Pentax K3. This portfolio showcases the personal photography of Rik Ellerby. "I love just shooting for me, not having to meet anyone else’s expectaions, not having to worry about rules and admitting that sometimes those accidental shots can be the most interesting” Over time this portfolio will grow exponentially, feel free to browse and I hope you enjoy.

brandon's Portfolio Website

I am currently a independant 17 year old concrete worker who likes bringing his imagination to life. I am an artist in every form possible. writing, poetry, drawing, photography. i would someday like my art to be seen or read or heard. My only hope is that i'll change someone's life for the better.