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Paula's Portfolio Website

Maple Ridge, BC

After all of the training, or what I like to call, \"practical and imaginative experiences\", and many Barbie dolls, I graduated from the Maple Ridge Hair Academy in 1997. I found an old family VHS recorded video of me from when I was about 5 or 6 years old. I was being asked by my uncle what I wanted to be when I grew up. \"I wanna be a hair cutter\" was my answer, trying to hide my face with shyness behind my Dad\'s legs. I dove deep and hard into my career and still love my work after all these years.

firstandpine's Portfolio Website

Jena, LA

Full service salon and spa located in Jena, La. We have everything from massages, facials, chemical peels, lash extensions, microblading, hair cuts, colors, and highlights, etc etc. Staff: Cassie Morphis- Salon Owner, Nurse, Massage Therapist, and Esthetician. Amber Funk- Esthetician and Salon Manager. Sadie Toler- Massage Therapist. Ashly Knight- Hair Stylist. Rita Ward- Hair Stylist. Mollie Messaourdi- Hair Stylist.

Sarah's Portfolio Website

Ringgold, GA

Cosmetology is my passion. The fact that I get to live my dream every day is the best blessing anyone could ask for. Colors, cuts, formal hair designs, I do it all. I enjoy building relationships with my clients and giving them the look they desire. Making people feel beautiful and confident is a goal I strive to reach every day. I love that I can provide a service that is both artistic and practical. I am a very hard working person, who takes my work very seriously. I hope to leave my mark in this industry with something amazing.

Something's Portfolio Website
Mpumi's Portfolio Website


I am a studying specialist Makeup artist that specialises in Fashion, SFX, theatrical, Film & TV and period, I am also qualified in hair styling. If you would like any further information about my work and price lists, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Her's Portfolio Website

Chicago, Il

Sierra's Portfolio Website


Sierra is an upcoming hairstylist that craves the art of hair. She loves transitioning others into a new person. Being in the hair industry for 7 years but has had a interest since 12 years old hair was something she knew would always be apart of her. In her young adult years she ran from the hair industry after completing cosmetology school thinking it wasn't a for her, but found herself always styling family and close friends hair. After careful consideration and support from family and friends Sierra decide to enroll in cosmetology school again. this time she know she is destine to be great at THE ART OF HAIR!!!!

jessica's Portfolio Website


Angy's Portfolio Website

Emerald Isle, NC

Malessa Clementine's Portfolio Website


I am a bubbly outgoing person; I enjoy listening to music, reading fashion magazines, posing for pictures and watching TV and many other hobbies. On my spare time I enjoy trying new make-up ad fashion techniques on my little niece from the smoke eye look, to a night in the club look and the girl next door look. I am an aspiring model, I am passionate about modelling I am a hard worker and I am very determined, I always give my all into everything that I do, I don’t quit I persevere.

jennelys_tevenal's Portfolio Website
Shiretta's Portfolio Website

Professionally known as Justice, I am a Philadelphia Native who has been in the beauty industry for over 16 years. I am a licensed hairstylists (PA and NY) who provides a wide range of hair services to a multicultural, multi textural clientele. I'm currently residing in New York and am looking to expand my horizons, continue to grow my career, network, and work in the entertainment industry as a Professional Hairstylist. This is just a peak, but there is more to me than meets the eye!

Kemi's Portfolio Website


I’m a Tanzanian Fashion and Interior Designer, Art Director & creative entrepreneur by profession. I’m deeply passionate about enabling the youth and helping young designers become more effective in their careers – a desire that filters through every aspect of my businesses. I enjoy what I do and I’m always pleased to work on different projects. I established Naledi in 2008 as an Interior Designer studio, but being inspired by all forms of design and creativity I found fashion a natural progression from interior design and soft furnishings. Over the last years I have had the opportunity to merge my two passions by working as Art Director in film and TV. Naledi which means "star” in Setswana is now an independent design company based in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

Alessandragar's Portfolio Website
Nonni's Portfolio Website