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Raphael's Portfolio Website


Syed Azfer's Portfolio Website

Karachi, Islamabad, Dubai, New York

Syed Azfer Iqbal is a project manager, a writer, music producer and arts and sports enthusiast. He is a student of Sufism and works on a variety of Cultural Heritage Preservation projects. Mr. Iqbal has produced several visual and performing arts presentations for audiences in Pakistan and in the U.S. He also works on development projects, advocacy and entrepreneurship initiatives, and community engagement programs. He is particularly interested in projects that use arts and new media for social change. Azfer Iqbal is well versed with key stake holders including civil society, NGOs, think tanks, academia, religious community, government ministries and the arts and cultural industry of the country and also of the region. He is an information technology hobbyist and played key role in developing Pakistan’s first broadband internet group during his previous employment. Mr. Iqbal holds a Master degree in Information Technology and specialization (PMP) in Project Management from PMI USA. He also serves as the Vice President of the Young Rising Stars (YRS) Football Club.

Usama's Portfolio Website

Lahore, Pakistan

I am a creative artist experienced in 3D techniques, graphic design & web development seeking to join a dynamic production environment where my experience, education and hard work will contribute to the success of an established organization.

Alex's Portfolio Website

Alex has two main passions in life - photography and automobiles. His photographic work has covered everything from sport to studio, and being a well rounded hobbyist mechanic, he enjoys working closely with the vehicles hands-on and behind the scenes. Alex is currently working as a freelance Automotive Photographer and Inventory Manager for franchise automotive dealerships, and is available for hire full or part time.

Sumuditha's Portfolio Website


I am a professional 3D Animation and Visual Effects · 2D & 3D Production & Photography. This is my passion.

Kim's Portfolio Website

Sylmar, Ca.

Experience, I have worked in the Graphic Arts Industry for over 20 years. I have specialized in the Print field (Includes Large scale corrugate, silk screen, Ink jet prints, stock etc.) . I have worked on pretty much all types of Jobs. I am willing to adopt to any new environment. I fully enjoy what I do and it will show on my designs and concepts. I could produce multiple concepts in a short period of time, thinking ahead of time all the way to to the production end of any design. I have a full knowledge of printing (Presentations, production, separations, color correction, embossing, Vacuum form, press checks, Typography, etc..) from start to finish. I could Illustrate in all types of Media from acrylic, Airbrush, Oils etc.. I have used Adobe CS programs since its inception. I could retouch in photoshop or with an airbrush................ Concepts, any good designer knows that problems arise from the start, by being a fully capable sketch artist I could sketch out ideas and structures at the beginning stage allowing everyone involved to grasp the concept presented to them. Anticipating problems before they arise. I have concepted everything from 20' displays, Set designs, Web design, Banners, Catalogs, Booths, Store Windows, VHs/DVD box, One sheets, Products/Packaging, Branding etc.. Anything that has a printable surface............... Competitive, I have work in bidding environment, where winning was an absolute must. Once you're inserted into a team it is WE so I would just like to say that any team I've been involved in has WON multiple POP, Popai, Art Guild Awards, and gain a high degree of respect among our peers. I am a team player and capable of working with the Account Executives, Clients, Owners, General Managers, all the way down to the billing dept. I am highly organized and have good communication skills. Ive worked on 30 or more Projects. I have a high attention to detail and can handle long working hours and accept the stress associated with my work... I enjoy what I do, designing, concepting, illustrating, creating... Give me a blank sheet of paper and a pencil and I'll give you something amazing...

Osama Valentino's Portfolio Website

I will share insights on Fashion, clothing, design & styling. (( Loved Fashion Designing at my best. I will show case my Work, Selection of Portfolio, Collaboration & Experience that i channel. I started my modelling career in 2008, I have been called a stylish boy since the age of 8. When i started growing up i started to love fashion and styling but at the same time Multi task and do different things cause life is about being everything you want to be. I have always loved fashion, Styling, Designing at my best. I started intro modelling in 2008 and paused in 2009 to complete my studies. Now i am back continuing to be a pursuing what i needed the most. I am a public speaker as well, i have spoken for Big events such WWF Save the Day Campaign in APU, TimesSquare, Berjaya university college of Hospitality and have attended Powerful meeting organised by Success Resources. I am Fun loving guy, like to make new friends around the world, My passion is to learn new Languages, cultures. I love to cook, Good Music is always peaceful to me, I love to dance, play guitar.