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Portfolio Lounge helps artist in many different categories. Whether your creations are in the arena of Photography, Architecture, Interior Design, Graphic Design, Illustration or any of a whole host of others, there is a category for you and your work. Portfolio Lounge enables you to reach a wider audience, get valuable feedback on your work and create a name for yourself, all without worrying about coding, hosting, search engine optimization or any of the other headaches commonly associated with creating an outstanding online portfolio that showcases your work to its best advantage. With a portfolio hosted by Portfolio Lounge, you can make sure your stunning creations are given an equally stunning online setting.

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pbnj's Portfolio Website
Clarise's Portfolio Website

Montreal West, Quebec, Canada

Visual artist, photography hobbyist, published poet and author. PhD in German Literature (Rutgers University). <br /> <br /> Trained for a number of years at the Saidye Bronfman School of Fine Arts in Montreal (non-matriculated), as well as through many workshops with well-known Montreal artists. I have exhibited several paintings in online art exhibits.<br /> <br /> I often do mixed media with ink and watercolor or ink and acrylic. I do a lot of modern art, leaning toward partially abstract. I also have an interest in fantasy illustration.<br /> <br /> In addition, I am currently learning to practice the style of the Lingnan School of Art, a Chinese art style that originated in the early twentieth century in the province of Guangdong. As with all traditional Chinese art, this requires ink and watercolor on rice paper with specialized Chinese brushes. I am also interested in minimalist Zen-style art.

Klaudyn's Portfolio Website

Manila, Philippines

A registered Architect in the Philippines specializing in Interior Fit-out projects for office spaces, residential, and Hospitality projects. Has an extensive space planning abilities, diverse experience in construction and extensive exposure in Design Coordination and Project Management.

Hanafi's Portfolio Website

Petaling Jaya Selangor

I have been exposed with different working environment since I was 16 years old which mean I can handle any pressure at work. I am shy at first, but when i feel comfortable with you and consider you a friend, i will be loud and funny and random! most people don\'t know this about me! During my university time, I have been involved with different coursework that related to graphic design, video production, Animation development, programming and website development.

Tanya's Portfolio Website

I am a 23 year old mother, wife, nurse, and student. I am currently working in Woman\'s Services at Clear Lake Regional Medical Center. I am also currently a student at the University of Texas Health Science Center. My hobbies include being a sports mom and baking.

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yavalos's Portfolio Website
misszbyun's Portfolio Website
Prashant's Portfolio Website


This is Prashant Sharma, from Delhi. <br /> About my qualifications, right now I\'m pursuing B.Arch from Amity University, Uttar Pradesh and I have done my schooling from Manav Sthali School with 92.25% and 80% in 2014 and 2012 respectively. I love to learn new things and I\'m a quick learner, self-motivated and my hobbies are 3d rendering, playing basketball, travelling.<br /> I have learnt Autocad, Revit, Photoshop, Sketchup, Vray, Lumion.etc<br /> That\'s all about myself. Thank you very much.

Lailah's Portfolio Website
kimchibrown's Portfolio Website
Arifulislam2054's Portfolio Website
ALI's Portfolio Website

Kuching, Sarawak.

A FREELANCER .<br /> FILMING: Acting, Coordinator, Location Scouting, Production Manager, etc.<br /> PAINTING: Mural, Line and Wash Watercolour, Oil, Acrylic, Pastel,etc.<br /> PHOTOGRAPHY: Jounalist Photographer.<br /> Base in Kuching, Sarawak.

Brian's Portfolio Website


I\'m a creative thinker. I like to explore Art and new technology in the Digital world. I have an open mind about the society and like interacting with creative people with similar ambitions as me. My creativity has made me an effective person as I have been able to use different softwares to achieve perfection in my work. I am of a teachable nature as everyday I am a student of the ever growing Digital World.

Rivjeannette's Portfolio Website