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Hafsa's Portfolio Website


I think, therefor I write. I\'m a freelance writer and journalist. Writing is my first love.

Sally's Portfolio Website


Hi<br /> I am Sally Maranga, I am 23 and I am currently studying at the University of Nairobi and am hoping to one day become a procuring officer.<br /> I am a professional / high fashion model and advocate for women and healthy body image. Body image and self acceptance is something like many, I struggled with as a teen. I would reach out and help other young people who are trying to cope with body image and self acceptance.<br /> Throughout my time in the industry I have developed a real passion for modelling and designing. I have been presently been overwhelmed with a number of opportunity that have come my way so far. I would love to continue developing my modeling skills as well as build a profile in the lifestyle and fitness sector. I can not wait to expand my horizon work with new people and see where this industry can lead me<br /> I was very fortunate to be African known for its rich culture raised in Kenya . I speak both English and Swahili frequently. I was in love with art from a tender age and my parents natured it and I have been practicing it ever since

Mariah's Portfolio Website
Nila's Portfolio Website

Bay Area, California

Hi loves! I am a self taught, freelance makeup artist servicing East/South Bay Area, CA. Follow my Instagram Blog @ muvamarie .. Please email for rates and fees, thank you.

creatorofwhat's Portfolio Website
Lisa's Portfolio Website

Toronto, Ontario

sim / 沈's Portfolio Website

法國 France / 馬國 Malaysia

我的設計旅程不是一條線的。我曾走錯,離開過,往回走,也靠邊走過。 從自學的方式成為排版設計師和小美術指導,接著轉行銷售員和店長助手,又返校研究文創,然後回到工作室試著做起品牌設計的途中,我發現設計的卻如我想像中廣,讓我什麼都想做、深刻了解。 因為我覺得我還需要吸收很多的諮詢,在我成為知識廣泛的視覺設計師以前。 // 設計認證 : ACA Adobe Indesign, ACA Adobe Photoshop // My Belief : My only apprehension is that there may not be challenge.

Beenish's Portfolio Website


A curious designer who finds inspiration in the chaos around her

Yt. Sudha's Portfolio Website

Vibudhah, Pushkarna Street, College Road, Qadian

Kristy's Portfolio Website
Her's Portfolio Website

Chicago, Il

Malessa Clementine's Portfolio Website


I am a bubbly outgoing person; I enjoy listening to music, reading fashion magazines, posing for pictures and watching TV and many other hobbies. On my spare time I enjoy trying new make-up ad fashion techniques on my little niece from the smoke eye look, to a night in the club look and the girl next door look. I am an aspiring model, I am passionate about modelling I am a hard worker and I am very determined, I always give my all into everything that I do, I don’t quit I persevere.

Kemi's Portfolio Website


I’m a Tanzanian Fashion and Interior Designer, Art Director & creative entrepreneur by profession. I’m deeply passionate about enabling the youth and helping young designers become more effective in their careers – a desire that filters through every aspect of my businesses. I enjoy what I do and I’m always pleased to work on different projects. I established Naledi in 2008 as an Interior Designer studio, but being inspired by all forms of design and creativity I found fashion a natural progression from interior design and soft furnishings. Over the last years I have had the opportunity to merge my two passions by working as Art Director in film and TV. Naledi which means "star” in Setswana is now an independent design company based in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

Connors's Portfolio Website

have passport... will travel

Lisa Ann's Portfolio Website


My name is Lisa Ann Trace i was born and raised in Central Florida on the water, "That is why I'm a floral lover" One day i hope to move to another tropical paradise. I am an animal lover as well beauty enthusiast and fashion ambassador. Makeup Artistry is one of my passions in my free time. Im currently working as a Certified Pharmacy Technician, who is continuing her education of becoming a Cosmetic Dermatologist.