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Portfolio Lounge helps artist in many different categories. Whether your creations are in the arena of Photography, Architecture, Interior Design, Graphic Design, Illustration or any of a whole host of others, there is a category for you and your work. Portfolio Lounge enables you to reach a wider audience, get valuable feedback on your work and create a name for yourself, all without worrying about coding, hosting, search engine optimization or any of the other headaches commonly associated with creating an outstanding online portfolio that showcases your work to its best advantage. With a portfolio hosted by Portfolio Lounge, you can make sure your stunning creations are given an equally stunning online setting.

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Hafsa's Portfolio Website


I think, therefor I write. I\'m a freelance writer and journalist. Writing is my first love.

PIERRE's Portfolio Website

Lebanese living in Dubai-UAE

PROFILE Senior Architect and Interior Designer twenty plus years of experience. Professional with strong management and communication skills. Possessing Creative and Diverse concepts for Multipurpose Projects, producing and conceiving appealing, innovative and flexible solutions for all type of Projects. Lebanese origin, started my career as an architect in Lebanon where I have collaborated with reputed consultancy architectural and Interior design firms. Moved to Dubai in 2006 and working since on projects between Beirut and Dubai, developing my design competence in the field and remodelled homes, villas, offices and retail stores. SERVICES Customer satisfaction is the key of my success through specialist's recommendations in a fully comprehensive service. From bespoke ideas that are turned into required design, to high end design and project management 'turnkey' option. I ensure that the interior architecture concepts are implemented according to the agreed quality standards, design, budget and timescale. CONCEPT Architecture and Interior Design is the Art of creating a coherent look and feel in the space through materials, texture, light and space. The experience taught us that with every new project, comes a new challenge that should be tackled with the right mix of creativity and devotion. A successful project should reflect the way you live and use certain spaces. Even if you think that you know what you want in your home, bringing it all together isn't that easy as details can make or break a design. Hence Interior architecture is much more than just decorating or refurbishing; it is a complete process which requires skills, knowledge and experience. With extensive experience, a refined attention to detail and finishing touches and a strong determination to meet our clients need , we are able to transform any space into a space that reflect your personality and lifestyle.

Woodcut's Portfolio Website

Richmond, VIC

The timber flooring specialist in Melbourne with quality service. WOODCUT offers hardwood timber flooring with low cost. Call timber flooring specialists now.

Asif's Portfolio Website


Taneisha's Portfolio Website

Miami, Florida

Independent film maker, producer and visionary. Builds strong team partnerships. Strong presentation skills and conceptualization for interactive, video and print channels. Also the ABFF 2016 VH1 winner of Unscripted Storytelling Contest.

Nusrat Ara's Portfolio Website


Hi, im Papia. like to sketch and drawing.and that is the inspiration of doing design. worked with higher level people who r designer in Bangladesh name Chandra Sekhar Saha, Sahib Ul Alam , Lipi khandakar. its really a blessing to work with them and learned a lot. Hope i will do or more good for my country and will bring on the stage of our conutry,culture and tradition through my design.

Nadege's Portfolio Website


Nadege Ngongo was born in the Republic of Congo, Central Africa. She comes from humble beginnings, where both her parents were into a variety businesses. When she was very young, Nadege moved to France and thus was exposed to a world of Art and Fashion. Her mother was an avid fan of the classic Hollywood era and this instilled in Nadege a hunger and love for vintage fashion and Haute Couture. As a teen she collected fashion magazines such as Vogue, Elle, Bazaar, Paris Match and made collages of different looks. Still to present day Nadege continues to explore fashion. Nadege “LIVES” and ”BREATHES” fashion! In 1996 she had an opportunity to come to the United States where she could pursue her dream in the fashion industry. She is fluent in multple languages. Once in America she went back to school and attained a BA in Fashion Merchandising and Retailing from CCSU in New Britain CT. She have worked for many luxury goods retailers such as Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Ave, Nordstrom and held positions as designer specialist, business manager, cosmetics manager and personal shopper. She is well qualify with 17+years experience in the fashion industry! Nadege is very well travelled, and quite familiar with the fashion capitals around the world, i.e.Paris, London, Milan, Miami, Los Angeles and of course New York.

Zen's Portfolio Website

Melbourne Australia

I am a visual arts artist from Hong Kong with Psychology education background. I was a Pavement Artist in Melbourne and traveled around Australia with my Art last three years. Being inspired by Rainbow Spirit & nourished from Mother Nature, I believe in the healing energy and the empowerment of Art which can help to express one’s feelings, thoughts and strengths without words. I have the experience of developing Art Project in a private community organization for people with different diversities. In the nearly future, I will participate in an Art Gallery & Studio which assists people with Intellectual Difference to develop their ability to create artworks and strengthens their art skills. I am interested to contribute my passion and skills in the practical and clinical environment, share and connect people with Art to live in harmony.

Yt. Sudha's Portfolio Website

Vibudhah, Pushkarna Street, College Road, Qadian

Michael's Portfolio Website


O C X U N I V E R C I T Y. All around multitasking univercity service serving the public with discounts and being a help in hand with our community's and with people's day to day routines, I major in development of society and communication. Ok what is your problem today what do you need us to take care of from cleaning house before guest to kids fitness, lawnwork,mobile recording studio, management,wash clothing, home services work exterior and interior We have over 7 different profitable organizations to fulfill your needs. �Management- putting together a team to lead artist and athletes into successful strategys and ect. �Home services- wide range of home service You can pick from we will DO ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING for you.....we offer varieties of (LET US DO IT) fast easy rates that will beat any service you call. INTERIOR_painting,decorations,trash,moving,junk,helprebuild,babysitting,dogwalker,troubleshooting,walltv, and etc. EXTERIOR_landscaping,plant flowers,rockdesign,cut grass,trim,bring trash down,paint,fix cracks in driveway, install doors,change locks, and etc. �With our unique DRY CLEANING SERVICE- DustyDuce/ you schedule the pick up and we are on the move to do our duties in a jiffy, 100% guaranteed to satisfy your needs where ever you are we are. We are working on making it better by you Pick what detergent and softener ran by a online app activate temperature and load size online before pickup. low flat rates or set up payment plan. �BLOCXI transportation- we are a commute friendly service that the future will take advantage of we are a 24 hour transportation crew put together to maneuver people and things around the world. We are starting off local city's to gain our hard working minority trust and give them the most convenient way to get to where they need to go on a day to day basis. We offer varieties of BLoCxi services, getting to or from work, picking up and dropping off, club groups,BOTTLE DELIVERY, food delivery made easy by an online B.U APP choose what's in your local area and you don't pay until you are satisfied with your order. BLOCXI IS A skilled motivated crew that works hard on satisfying our clients. One low flat rate based on the area of the city . Every mile is 2$ flat check your Google map to map out what is the miles to your destination. We deliver mail we pick up groceries just need your list and will be delivered before lunch �%guaranteed, Are you at work and need lunch but never have the time or just lazy let us PROVIDE OUR SERVICES TO YOU. 8$ charge flat, out of job area 10$ charge flat. �Music-A put together crew made to give you what it's hard to find these days in the music industry, a good quality sound recording studio that is affordable . What if I told you we can come to you, what if I told you just call me when you are ready well are you ready. I'm ready and I have the beat ready just need a room I got the rest. 60$ a song 20$ a verse collaboration 35$each �Promotional videos-if u are an artist, performer, athlete, or a small business that need a HD promotional video we are the people that provide the most convenient way and fast upload within the next 10 min , we offer hd video promos ranging from 50$ 30sec 1song 4 scenes 80$ 60sec 1song 8 scenes get a bundle 2 50$ packages for 80$ or 2 80$ packages for 140. BlocxU is the future. �RETAIL & wholesale- online store providing our customers with the best designer brand's and prices you will not believe, from belts , clothing , shoes to accessories home appliances, technology and much more Email for quote �WE MAKE EVERYTHING HOW IT'S SUPPOSE TO BE personal services BLOCXUNIVERCITY!!!!!!!�