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Graceilia's Portfolio Website


A lady with an innate sense of creativity, i grew up doodling in textbooks, before fully realizing my artistic potential in Lasalle College of The Arts in 2015. Now in 2017, i hope to kickstart a fledgling career in the jewelry industry! <br /> <br /> Diligent, meticulous and a stickler for details, i enjoy the creative process - gleaning inspiration from literally anything, conceptualizing and finally, producing the final workpiece. To me, jewelry is a form of wearable, functional and at times, sentimental work of art. <br /> <br /> A combined total of 6.7 days (160 class hours) have culminated in my jewellery design portfolio pieces. I do believe that if given the right resources and time, I would be able to churn out improved designs and more refined workpieces. <br /> <br /> Being a current student of Jewelry Design & Management International School (J.D.M.I.S), I am open to career opportunities in the jewelry industry. <br /> Please feel free to contact me at for further enquiries. Thank you!

Md's Portfolio Website
charles's Portfolio Website

from Tanzania

My name is Charles chimile, Amfrom Dar es salaam, Tanzania

raksh's Portfolio Website
Josmarewin's Portfolio Website


Eleanna's Portfolio Website


Ivana's Portfolio Website

Serbia, Lazarevac

Fashion designer based in Serbia, Lazarevac. 'Sounds like a cliche, but love is my eternal inspiration. I believe that nothing is worth if you don't have love.' Mihano Momosa

creatorofwhat's Portfolio Website
victoriapack's Portfolio Website
ainul's Portfolio Website

House No-1149, Peary Mohon Rooad, Bespar koboristan, Jessore, Bangladesh

Mobile No- 01921-817258

fawad's Portfolio Website


i aM a student of class 9th nd i create this to show my styles to others

idea's Portfolio Website
HELENA's Portfolio Website

LVIV, Ukraine

I have a dream.... To create kind, gentle,warm-hearted,well-wishing cartoon about friendship, love, goodness, homage,defence, bright world of smiles and warm hugs that can teach our children to become a real Human. I'm creative and talanted person. I work on improving my abilities, multiply my creative achievement with new masterpieces. WORK WITH SUCH PROGRAMS: - Anime Studio Pro -Adobe Photoshop -Adobe After Effects -Adobe Illustrator and so on.

The United's Portfolio Website


Ceo Mubasher iqbal Basheer The United Schools Network Pakistan Mani Riyaz ul jannah Colony Faisalabad +92 8812492 03009668394 03227753769 03129668394

Tricia's Portfolio Website

A love of color, patterns, shapes and textures has played a key role in my career as a visual designer/photographer. Early employment always found me in a creative line of work, such as hand-printing patterns on garments at the Bluefish Clothing Company or creating seasonal fabric swatches at Jones NY & Company. My start in photography began literally in the dark working in a photographers darkroom developing and processing color prints from film (remember film?). I would spend hours in complete darkness turning blank paper into colorful prints. But the best part of the job was spent on location assisting the photographer on photo shoots and learning first hand about camera gear, lighting techniques, props and styling. The majority of my career has been with Christine Taylor Collection, a leader in the world of visual merchandising. When I first started 15 years ago they were a small company and as the company grew so did my knowledge and expertise in the visual design industry. I was promoted to Art Director and company Photographer, a challenging position that utilized both my design and photographic skills. I collaborated with project managers and team members on the creation of print and promotional materials as well as handled all the product photography. I easily adapt to innovative processes and ever-changing technology. I like the energy and stimulus from working with other creatives, but I am also comfortable handling projects on my own. Oh, and tight deadlines do not deter me! I will go above and beyond expectations to make sure the smallest details are taken care of and the job is done beautifully.