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Hafsa's Portfolio Website


I think, therefor I write. I\'m a freelance writer and journalist. Writing is my first love.

Eleanna's Portfolio Website


creatorofwhat's Portfolio Website
HELENA's Portfolio Website

LVIV, Ukraine

I have a dream.... To create kind, gentle,warm-hearted,well-wishing cartoon about friendship, love, goodness, homage,defence, bright world of smiles and warm hugs that can teach our children to become a real Human. I'm creative and talanted person. I work on improving my abilities, multiply my creative achievement with new masterpieces. WORK WITH SUCH PROGRAMS: - Anime Studio Pro -Adobe Photoshop -Adobe After Effects -Adobe Illustrator and so on.

Tricia's Portfolio Website

A love of color, patterns, shapes and textures has played a key role in my career as a visual designer/photographer. Early employment always found me in a creative line of work, such as hand-printing patterns on garments at the Bluefish Clothing Company or creating seasonal fabric swatches at Jones NY & Company. My start in photography began literally in the dark working in a photographers darkroom developing and processing color prints from film (remember film?). I would spend hours in complete darkness turning blank paper into colorful prints. But the best part of the job was spent on location assisting the photographer on photo shoots and learning first hand about camera gear, lighting techniques, props and styling. The majority of my career has been with Christine Taylor Collection, a leader in the world of visual merchandising. When I first started 15 years ago they were a small company and as the company grew so did my knowledge and expertise in the visual design industry. I was promoted to Art Director and company Photographer, a challenging position that utilized both my design and photographic skills. I collaborated with project managers and team members on the creation of print and promotional materials as well as handled all the product photography. I easily adapt to innovative processes and ever-changing technology. I like the energy and stimulus from working with other creatives, but I am also comfortable handling projects on my own. Oh, and tight deadlines do not deter me! I will go above and beyond expectations to make sure the smallest details are taken care of and the job is done beautifully.

Nusrat Ara's Portfolio Website


Hi, im Papia. like to sketch and drawing.and that is the inspiration of doing design. worked with higher level people who r designer in Bangladesh name Chandra Sekhar Saha, Sahib Ul Alam , Lipi khandakar. its really a blessing to work with them and learned a lot. Hope i will do or more good for my country and will bring on the stage of our conutry,culture and tradition through my design.

Michael's Portfolio Website


My name is Michael Dimou , I am Greek and I live in Greece I am a mechanical engineer & designer from Piraeus University of applied science.. Certificate Autodesk : Autocad 2D/3D , Inventor advanced . I have experience to design machines industrial for bottling and packaging , conveyors with belt , furniture . My Graduate thesis to Piraeus University of applied science : "Design of part of the fuselage of a transports cargo aircraft."

Zen's Portfolio Website

Melbourne Australia

I am a visual arts artist from Hong Kong with Psychology education background. I was a Pavement Artist in Melbourne and traveled around Australia with my Art last three years. Being inspired by Rainbow Spirit & nourished from Mother Nature, I believe in the healing energy and the empowerment of Art which can help to express one’s feelings, thoughts and strengths without words. I have the experience of developing Art Project in a private community organization for people with different diversities. In the nearly future, I will participate in an Art Gallery & Studio which assists people with Intellectual Difference to develop their ability to create artworks and strengthens their art skills. I am interested to contribute my passion and skills in the practical and clinical environment, share and connect people with Art to live in harmony.

Kemi's Portfolio Website


I’m a Tanzanian Fashion and Interior Designer, Art Director & creative entrepreneur by profession. I’m deeply passionate about enabling the youth and helping young designers become more effective in their careers – a desire that filters through every aspect of my businesses. I enjoy what I do and I’m always pleased to work on different projects. I established Naledi in 2008 as an Interior Designer studio, but being inspired by all forms of design and creativity I found fashion a natural progression from interior design and soft furnishings. Over the last years I have had the opportunity to merge my two passions by working as Art Director in film and TV. Naledi which means "star” in Setswana is now an independent design company based in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

Mayra's Portfolio Website

Paramount, California

Melinda's Portfolio Website

Nashville, TN

Right at this very moment I am as excited about design as I was 12 years ago, when I started making furniture prototypes out of children's colored clay. How amazing it is to me to see one of my ideas come to life! I am always teary eyed when my clients are so excited about their project that is about to go underway and the end result is just icing on the cake! What a relief it is to be able to spend my life helping other's realize what they are trying to envision in their head and make it a reality for them to live in everyday. I strive to gain more knowledge, experience everything possible, continue to make new profound friends who touch my life and most of all always try to do what is right in God's eyes.

Eyshreena's Portfolio Website


Hi there, I am Esyhreena Chooramun and I am a graphic designer. I recently completed my BA in Graphic Design and Creative Advertising at Curtin University. Design in my passion, I lose myself in it. I have a soft spot for illustration, food photography and editorial design. I also happen to enjoy advertising, as it i think its an art in itself, very complex and vast. Other than that, I enjoy good music, I love The Beatles, The Beach Boys, Miles Kane, Curtis Lee..and the list goes on. I also love crafting, I make my own jewelries, bags, chair, blinds and so on. Creativity never seems to end. I hope you enjoy my portfolio, please feel free to contact me...

Jonney's Portfolio Website


Welcome to JMSD Consultant Creative Architectural Studio. We have successfully worked on various sizes and scopes of businesses from residential to commercial complexes. We have taken up 3D architectural rendering Services to showcase master plans, floor plans, interior rendering services, exterior rendering services, walkthroughs, flythrough, high and low raise levelling, and much more. Our services are not just limited to Real estate; we can handle 3D Modelling for a range of Products and Machineries. We also specialized in 3d animation services, 2d animation services, Character design services, product modelling services and presentation, industrial and mechanical presentation, medical animation, short films and advertising etc.

Mohammad Raza's Portfolio Website