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Lasse's Portfolio Website

Nissafors, Gnosjö, Sweden

Airbrush artist, Helmetpainter, Bodypainter, Custompainter, Mehtola Motivlack, 360gfx, Anest Iwata

Ty's Portfolio Website

London, Ontario

Gypsy life and the concept of Wanderlust has an almost dream, surreal romanticized portrayal. So many dream of leaving the world (society) and to just \"go\", but so few do. Those that do know deep to their core Wanderlust; the uncontrollable urge to chase horizons and see what is around the next corner. Be it good or bad is irrelevant but rather it is the experience that is the magic. The adventure of getting to a destination rather than the destination itself. Current adventures and explorations are of Northern Ontario. So much of this land is dense and virtually untouched. Lake after lake; but the journey to get there is the challenge. Always learning and always being tested by \"God\"/Nature. This is the Alice\'s looking glace journey. My photographs can cover a broad range of styles, from landscape to still life in the studio. But the end effect is to try and bring that fringe to life. The edge, life at the edge of the peripherals. This is why I incorporate High Dynamic Range (HDR) photography into most of my images. Not so far pushed though as to be Salvador Dali but just enough to feel feel the bubble we can be inside sometimes, almost astral or de ja vu effect; real but not real. My aim is to document as many aspects of my adventures in the life of Wanderlusting; from the planning, designing and getting out in the world. All the while bringing a touch of dream to the world, for a dream is no more than a wish from the heart.

Ranju's Portfolio Website


I am a Bachelor of Fine Arts graduated from Kerala University, India. I have an overall work experience of 6 plus years as a graphic designer. I am well versed with using Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Corel Draw, and InDesign. Hands on experience in designing brochures, magazines, posters, flyers, logo, business card, flex, Newspaper ad designing, typography and theme illustrations. As a hobby and passion love to do photography and caricature.

Mariah's Portfolio Website
Carolina's Portfolio Website

Design professional with exceptional design instinct. Creative, friendly and passionate communicator.

JACK EARL's Portfolio Website


Everything I do is for my son Aras Isaac and my wife Jeanette Louise. It is through them that I find the strength to combat this sometimes ugly world with design that concerns itself with Beauty, Stability and Practicality.

Ali Mehdi's Portfolio Website


Hi my name is Ali Mehdi, i have done a diploma in Graphic Design from Aptech Arena Multimedia where i scored above 85% and was certificated as best student, I love making art since childhood, Other then that i love soccer fav team Real Madrid, Fav player CR7 obviously, I am a gamer as well been playing CS:GO for 3 years now with that im also a daily player of dota 2, love almost every gener.

Manashree's Portfolio Website


Ar. Walmer's Portfolio Website

Cagayan de Oro City, Misamis Oriental, Philippines

Architect Walmer Verano Tacorda took up his college degree in architecture in University of Science and Technology in Southern Philippines (USTSP) formerly Mindanao University of Science and Technology (MUST). After his apprenticeship, he took his licensure exam and became a licensed architect. Years after he became a licensed and registered architect, he has now become a very experienced architect and founded the Architacz Architectural Design Studio. The learning experiences he got from the challenges he encountered since the start of his career brought him this far and enabled him to establish a name in the field of architecture. He is now a successful architect here in Mindanao and has gained the trust and confidence of many clients. He also studied and read many literature of successful architects from Europe, US and the Philippines. After years of practice and experiences, he was finally able to make his own designs which were better and more of the modern day architecture. He always makes sure that every design will reflect the client’s personality and he does this by way of conversation and observation of each client so as to grant their satisfaction in the end. Architacz Architectural Design Studio offers Design and Project Supervision Services which ranges from Residential, Commercial, Religious, Institutional buildings, and many more Architectural spaces.

Gizem's Portfolio Website


Emin's Portfolio Website


LACEY's Portfolio Website


My career goal is to work within an Architectural and/or Interior Design company to expand my skills within the industry. I love the reward of being successful in my work. Dip.Int.Des.(Residential) Dip.Fine.Art.(Adv.) Dip.Cont.Photography.

Mary's Portfolio Website

Mary Cowan is a technical theatre student in high school with dreams of one day stage managing professionally. She enjoys swimming, dancing, reading and, of course, everything theatre. Her favourite plays are William Shakespeare's "Much Ado About Nothing" and Tom Stoppard's "Arcadia". She is currently stage managing her school's productions of "You Can't Take It With You" and a stylized Macbeth/Tell-Tale-Heart festival piece. In the community she is the the youth coordinator for the "Youth Talent Slam".

Angèle's Portfolio Website
Mark's Portfolio Website

Ventspils, Latvia

Burak's Portfolio Website


Hi everyone..I'm Burak.I am 20 years old and studying architecture at Karatay University in Turkey. I will be an good architect. I work hard for this job. Architecture is a most fun job according to me.My indispensable words: SPACE-LÄ°GHT-HARMONY-DESIGN ... Thank you :)