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Carolina's Portfolio Website

Design professional with exceptional design instinct. Creative, friendly and passionate communicator.

Liana's Portfolio Website
Alexa's Portfolio Website

Oakville, ON

Cammarros's Portfolio Website
Jack Earl's Portfolio Website

Greenville, SC

I am a graduate student currently in my first year of study at the University of Notre Dame (M. Arch, Path C). Family is the most important thing in my life and I am very blessed to have a beautiful wife and son, Jeanette and Aras. My work is a reflection of the things that I hold dear concerning the built environment. Architecture should convey a sense of place, defer to the particular context and be beautiful. I enjoy the outdoors, traveling and photography.

Tammie's Portfolio Website

I am a Artist/ Designer, not your average cookie cutter artist, I love being creative and out of the box with images larger than life, spreading cuteness along the way with , vibrant colors and cute adorable characters. I work as a Freelance Designer and I am also venturing into the Art Licensing Industry, I also do Graphic Image Consult work for layouts and graphic images for projects.

Ali Mehdi's Portfolio Website


Hi my name is Ali Mehdi, i have done a diploma in Graphic Design from Aptech Arena Multimedia where i scored above 85% and was certificated as best student, I love making art since childhood, Other then that i love soccer fav team Real Madrid, Fav player CR7 obviously, I am a gamer as well been playing CS:GO for 3 years now with that im also a daily player of dota 2, love almost every gener.

Manashree's Portfolio Website


Ar. Walmer's Portfolio Website

Cagayan de Oro City, Misamis Oriental, Philippines

Architect Walmer Verano Tacorda took up his college degree in architecture in University of Science and Technology in Southern Philippines (USTSP) formerly Mindanao University of Science and Technology (MUST). After his apprenticeship, he took his licensure exam and became a licensed architect. Years after he became a licensed and registered architect, he has now become a very experienced architect and founded the Architacz Architectural Design Studio. The learning experiences he got from the challenges he encountered since the start of his career brought him this far and enabled him to establish a name in the field of architecture. He is now a successful architect here in Mindanao and has gained the trust and confidence of many clients. He also studied and read many literature of successful architects from Europe, US and the Philippines. After years of practice and experiences, he was finally able to make his own designs which were better and more of the modern day architecture. He always makes sure that every design will reflect the client’s personality and he does this by way of conversation and observation of each client so as to grant their satisfaction in the end. Architacz Architectural Design Studio offers Design and Project Supervision Services which ranges from Residential, Commercial, Religious, Institutional buildings, and many more Architectural spaces.

Hridhya's Portfolio Website


I am Hridhya from India who preaches the mantra of perfection. I see art as a state of emotion, where different people have varied emotions attached to it. Designing to me is a form of art that effectively communicates a message. I met the creative side of me when I was in the second grade. Our art teacher taught us origami boat and I was the first one to master it in my class. This incident encouraged me to explore more into designing and crafting. Had it not been for my doodling and designing of study notes, my academic performance would have been pathetic. My unfathomable passion towards crafts is the driving reason I yearn to be a designer. The kind of smile on my loved ones when I gift them a handmade present is priceless and that's the satisfaction I am looking for when I make a career out of designing. If I have to jot down the best art form then nothing can beat the intrinsic complexity of nature.

Neilu's Portfolio Website


Architect with 13 years of experience in the design, execution and supervision of projects; With training in Security, Hygiene and Environment. With performance in university education as a teacher, and as manager of the department of projects and operations in an organization; And daily human resources management, coordination of activities and evaluation of results by requirement, evaluation and control in the management of the inventory, structuring and management of budgets and direct work with the administrative department of the organization, as well as , the development of a direct communication with the clients of the organization. -- Arquitecto con 13 años de experiencia en el diseño, ejecución y supervisión de proyectos; con formación en el ambiente de Seguridad, Higiene y Ambiente. Con desempeño en la educación universitaria como profesora, y como Gerente del departamento de Proyectos y Operaciones en una organización; afianzando diariamente aptitudes de liderazgo, supervisión y manejo de recursos humanos, coordinación de actividades y evaluación de resultados por requerimiento, evaluación y control en el manejo del inventario, estructuración y manejo de presupuestos y trabajo directo con el departamento administrativo de la organización, así como, el desarrollo de una comunicación directa con los clientes de la organización.--

Patrick Oliver's Portfolio Website

Quezon City

Angèle's Portfolio Website
Mark's Portfolio Website

Ventspils, Latvia

Jeffrey's Portfolio Website


I am full time Graphic Designer and I love to be outdoors, hiking, just enjoying the beauty of nature and looking at beautiful creation of god. I love to travel, be adventurous and try new things!

David's Portfolio Website

Costa Rica

I’m a 29 years old Architect student, designer and creative seeker, and currently I’m developing as a graphic designer in BAC Credomatic, in the marketing department. I’m autodidactic, creative and highly ambitious designer with hopes to solving urban and architecture issues through design and creative solutions. I’m excellent team worker and able to take instructions from all levels and build good working relationships with all colleagues. I’m creative, outgoing and responsible with aspirations of an international work enviroment. I’m willing to learn and get experience from the best. I believe great design is the result of collaborative work combined with passionate, innovative, sensitive values that transforms a place or object into a unique solution that responds to human needs.