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Lasse's Portfolio Website

Nissafors, Gnosjö, Sweden

Airbrush artist, Helmetpainter, Bodypainter, Custompainter, Mehtola Motivlack, 360gfx, Anest Iwata

JackieDobrik's Portfolio Website

I am a writer. Currently I perform professional academic papers for WritingsBay. Check out a part of my work: The role of seeds in biodiversity is something I am also passionate about. I’ve never been one for uniformity - in any sense of the word. I’ve always found things more appealing the more varied they are. In my art and writing I have a habit of randomness and stream of consciousness/compulsiveness that results in a collage of strange angles and new definitions. Biodiversity is, I believe, crucial to building a successful future. As we move steadily towards mono-cultures in all things our ability to adapt and evolve is rapidly removed. Imagine a world where all Americans had blond hair and blue eyes, stood 5' 10” tall with no variation what so ever. They all resemble their parents and their grandparents before them – exactly. Or that all music sounded the same. This is what mono-cropping and mass-seed propagation is doing to our plant life. Seeds, after all, are a foundation. To quote Ecology Action's (the nonprofit organization dedicated to teaching the GROW BIOINTENSIVE method in third world countries) booklet Growing to Seeds: "These plants and their seeds are gardens to come." Possibility is Biodiversity. We, human beings, need to be nurtured and to grow and to plant our seeds in an "open pollinated" (e.g. being able to choose from the world wide selection of mates through a free-flow, natural process) environment if we are to develop new, crazy, unique, beings - same as plants. We, in a way, are plants.

Debio's Portfolio Website

Surabaya, Indonesia.

Hi! i'm debio, a design student in Surabaya, Indonesia. I always want to know more about design and not forget to keep try on. Here's my portfolio, hope you guys enjoy! Your comments and suggestions are very welcoming! :)

dkapuriya's Portfolio Website
ainul's Portfolio Website

House No-1149, Peary Mohon Rooad, Bespar koboristan, Jessore, Bangladesh

Mobile No- 01921-817258

fawad's Portfolio Website


i aM a student of class 9th nd i create this to show my styles to others

The United's Portfolio Website


Ceo Mubasher iqbal Basheer The United Schools Network Pakistan Mani Riyaz ul jannah Colony Faisalabad +92 8812492 03009668394 03227753769 03129668394

Yash's Portfolio Website


Mala's Portfolio Website


Our website is for everyone...

Agranya's Portfolio Website

Master's student at Stony Brook University and a believer in making people's lives easier and better by combining Engineering principles and CAD to develop new/modify existing products which are functionally, ergonomically and aesthetically superior.

shahaporan's Portfolio Website


Connor's Portfolio Website

Atlanta, GA

Junior - Industrial Design - Graphic Design - Auburn University : My love for design is in its purest form, is a love for communication. Being able to take a statement, vision, or story from inside of your head, and display it to the world is one of the most beautiful things that I can come up with. It is truly a gift. This train of thought is mostly derived from this idea that self-expression is vitally important to each persons identity. Identity separates the mundane from the unique, and it is almost always my goal to make my current project, whatever medium it may be, unique.

Andrew's Portfolio Website

Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire

Hi, may name's Drew. I am a Graphic Designer. I have spent the last 28 years developing my skill set and using my vast experience to provide today's media professionals with very specific graphics-driven results, whether it be traditional print or, as expected, moving into the digital arena. I can provide beautiful presentation visuals to drive and inspire consumers to make the right choice when deciding on specific marketing materials and assets to develop their business further.

vipulchaturvedi's Portfolio Website

I am a Visual designer by profession having almost 5 years of experience in IT and Online shopping portal

Marie-Lise's Portfolio Website


Marie-Lise Baron, is a French-Canadian designer and very well-known for many of her unique aeronautical, exclusive signature, commercial and residential design projects. She graduated after following specific private classical studies in Quebec City and Montreal, Canada. Living fully her passion for this magnificent three-dimensional art, she created her own design firm, to offer professional and esthetical expertise advisory in 1993. In parallel and for many years she also transmitted her talent, by contributing to the development of Interior Design classes as a teacher, for the International Academy of Design and Technology of Montreal, a prestigious institution. In 2004-2005, she was supporting the International company ‘’ Fruits and Passion’’ as the Designer and Chief Project Manager for Canada and International. She created many commercial projects and furnitures, and one of them was launched at ‘’ Maison et Objets’’, the annual Design event in Paris. Marie-Lise Baron has reached a higher level in Design and Architecture, and developed an additional Design speciality in Interior and Exterior of Aeronautical projects. Bombardier Aeronautic had the privileged to work with Marie-Lise Baron, and she continued to raise her excellent reputation with her Private Jets customers, who than and now ask for her as their Personal Private jet Designer. Marie-Lise Baron takes care personally and closely of her customers for their Interiors, exteriors completion, quality control, and their luxurious accessories. Her customers show her a lot of gratitude for the quality of her services, her commitment, and engagement to them. In 2009, Marie-Lise Baron was nominated for ``1st Private Jet``, in the reputable Design Ferdie Awards history. In 2010, Marie-Lise Baron is published in the most prestigious Design Magazine of Morocco, ‘’Decoration D’exception’’. The publication of eleven pages on her talent and work, is located between Hermès and Le Grand Hotel de Paris. Offering talent, fidelity and integrity, the International designer Marie-Lise Baron, succeeds with grace in naturally to harmoniously match both the masculine and feminine elegance in details, functionality, ergonomics, choice of precious materials with very high care on completion service and quality control. Most of all, her determination and loyalty, together with high intuition ability in understanding and meet each person needs and aspirations, allows her to offer a unique and personalised art creation for each customer. Her personality, unique talent and dedication to each project, make her a reference, a person and a designer that one and all can fully trust. Imagine the experience and the beauty of your project when professionalism meets elegance.......

Ebrahim's Portfolio Website

Cairo, Egypt.